The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen


Ready for the New RVing Year

Our New Year's Eve was pretty quiet.  We rented three movies.  We watched two of them and one on TV which kept us up to 1 AM!  The next morning we finished off the third movie.  We decided to go ahead and take the Christmas decorations down.  I was okay with that since DH was willing to help.  He doesn't like to put the decorations on the tree or take them off but I was happy to do that while he scrubbed down the tile and  cleaned spots on the carpet as well as vacuuming.  Between the two of us, we managed to get everything back to normal.  We carried all the other decorations upstairs and I packed them up the next morning and stored them back in the closet.

Christmas was very good to me and some of the items are for the RV.  First of all, many of you know that I belong to a group called the Pink FlaminGoes.  My friend Susan (What's Up with Susan and Company) brought me this great Celtic Pink Flamingo needlepoint pillow that she made when she joined us for Christmas dinner.  She did a great job and it will look great in the RV and the next Get-Together.

Willy was busy checking out the other items for the RV.  This vent insulator will come in handy for cold or heat.  Surge Guards are expensive but one bad electrical problem can do in most of your electrical system.  I just wish they made them more easy to secure.  I couldn't see where one of the wired in ones would work in my 5th wheel.  The final item was a folding compact RV broom.  It angles different ways so I am hoping it will also work to brush off the slide-outs.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year whether you are full-timers or just able to RV part-time like me.  Enjoy your travels and keep in touch.


  1. Willy sure seems to approve of your gifts. That surge guard has definitely saved our electrical systems a couple of times.

  2. Funny, we just bought a broom that extends 3 times to a full length broom. Trying to find a place inside for a long broom was impossible, except for the bathroom.

  3. We've used one of those portable surge guards for ten years. . .never locked it. . .never had an issue. . .good luck with yours. . .it's cheap insurance!


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