The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Running Away from the Rain

Dark, dreary, chilly, rain with muddy footprints across the carpet.  Oh, no.  I can't stand it any more.  Saturday seemed like it might last forever and it wasn't even noon.

What's this?  A friend is coming by to take us away.  I'm ready, let's go.  He whizzes in like a bright yellow bird and swoops us away to sunnier skies.  Is this the Hill Country?  Everyone wanted to go along but it was a very small plane.

We landed near a small stream with thoughts of catching a fish or two for dinner but we didn't have a cooler to keep them in so we headed out.

Some of the local wildlife wanted to carry on a lengthy conversation but we needed to move along while the sun was still shining.

Grizzlies in the Hill Country???  You just never know what you are going to see next.

I knew I was cold this morning but we must have landed at the far north edge of the Hill Country up around Brownwood.  I sure hope this weather doesn't head further south.

Some of the wildlife didn't seem very friendly but they were more intent on the other wildlife than on us.

I don't know if there is a robbery going on here or what but it looks like there is a lookout and someone who has his nose where it doesn't belong.

All in all, it was an exciting trip and it sure beat sitting at home in the dreary rain.  We were ready to hop back on the plane but the fuel was low.

So we had to find another mode of transportation to get us home.

 Okay, okay, so you aren't buying a trip around the Hill Country by plane and traveling home by covered wagon???

It's true, we did head north in the dreary rain.  The sky got brighter as soon as we headed out.  We were in the car, not a bright yellow plane.  We saw all the wildlife at Cabela's in Buda.  They have some amazing displays.  We also went on to Cowboy's Harley Davidson in Austin, well, on the very south edge of Austin.  The photo is of their advertising sign.

It was a fun trip anyway.


  1. What a fun adventure in creative writing. I figured you went to Cabela's. That's an amazing store. Scheel's in Sparks, Nevada would give them a run for their money. See you for lunch tomorrow.

    Could be lots more rain and thunderstorms on the way!


  2. Better than sitting at home! Fun post.

  3. Love your imagination and the photos.


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