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An Egg Finds a New Home

Just we were rolling down the road and almost home from Bussey's Flea Market on Sunday afternoon, I got a call from Vicki who known to many as "Yakn" (nicknamed from her love of kayaking not talking).  "What are you doing?"  "Not much, just coming home from the Flea Market."  "Want to go look at a trailer with me?"  "Sure.  Hurry up Dave, Vicki is on her way over to get me to go look at a trailer."   And so, off they go........

About an hour and 10 minutes later, we spyed this little gem just down the road so we knew we were in the right place.

It appears that an older couple bought it for their out of town son.  Turns out he found his own deal the same day so they want to sell it and advertised it on Craigslist today.  It needs work of course because it has a little age on it.  Several calls came in while Vicki and I were busy checking it out.  Some guy calls from the road as he is driving up from Houston to look at it.  Vicki says....."tell him it is sold."   He was not a happy camper at all.  He may have even said some bad words to the lady selling it but I think she was really pleased it was going to a woman....especially when she found out the woman worked on them herself.  She ran in the house saying she needed to find the number and call the couple from Comfort to tell them not to come.

The door is a little off kilter.  It needs some fiberglass work.  A couple of repairs that were done will need to be redone as the work was very amateur.  Vicki didn't like the A/C in the back window.

Two very happy ladies.....and photographic evidence that money changed hands.  You aren't dealing with a couple of naive buyers here.  We told Betty that we would be back Monday morning to take the little egg home to Vicki's personal little RV garage.  Sorry, she only works on her own RVs.

 Monday morning we were back on the road to the lake.  Vicki backed her truck up.  The casita was sitting in a little dip and is very low anyway so I picked the tongue up and hoisted it over the hitch.  No, I am not strong by any means but this little baby is very light at the tongue.  Vickie is checking out the axles.

Yes, indeed. The axles do need some grease.  Vicki came prepared with her grease gun.

A little dab into the fitting on each side and the caps go back on.

Yes, we are off.  The egg rides very low and a little too high in front even though we have a lowered hitch on the truck.  Hmmm, Vicki thinks the axles will need to be flipped.  Even perfectly level, the clearance on this little egg is about 4 inches.

We headed off to San Antonio keeping watch all the way and made it back just fine.  So here's the news directly from Vicki's lips:

".....the new baby is a 1989 (not 1985 as advertised) Liberty Deluxe 16'. It has all of the original interior, beige carpet on the walls and light blue and beige upholstery. I don't know yet if it has heat but does have the original A/C in the back window. This will be an interesting project, mostly 'cause I have no clue what I'm doing! But never fear I will figure it out!"

No clue what she is we believe that for one single minute.  She also has the cutest little Boler trailer named Tilly that she renovated and another bigger trailer similar to an airstream that she is currently renovating.  I have very talented friends and there is always the chance it will rub off on me.  Happy trails.


  1. Congratulations to Vickie!! It's a good thing you were close or it would have been GONE!

  2. Looks like a match made in heaven!

    Karen and Steve
    The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  3. What a fun day! I can't wait to see you guys!

  4. Good Hobbies help keep you out of too much trouble! As look as you still have time to get the kayak wet....

  5. That little egg is going to look so cute when she gets done with it. Amazing what some people can do.

  6. What a fun little trailer & a gem to find!

  7. Very cool... I hope you keep us up to date with photos on the restoration. How nice that she does the work herself. That must be so satisfying. :)

  8. Love the 'egg'. NIce of you to help her out.


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