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The Longdogs
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Blanco State Park, Texas

Friday was our day to drive up to Marble Falls to meet up with the grandkids and bring them back for the weekend.  Dave was working so my son Steve (kids Dad) and I decided to leave several hours earlier than normal for the 6:00pm meet up time.  We wanted to check out Blanco State Park and spend some time looking around Marble Falls before picking the kids up.  Blanco State Park is right on the edge of Blanco TX so you can easily walk into town from the park if you are staying there.  The Ranger's station is on the town side of the river.  

Once you are in the park, there is a road on each side of the Blanco River with a low water crossing to get to the other side.  There are nice picnic tables and grills for day use and lots of people come here to fish from the banks.

We saw this sign for a Wildlife Viewing Station with a small building with screen hanging down the open sides.  Unfortunately, my picture of the inside of the building didn't come out clearly.  Inside there were benches and the far side had slanted glass windows looking out to a bird feeding area.  They even had books in there so you could look up any birds you didn't know.

There were plenty of campers with RVs at the park because some people stay for the winter.  It's the only time they allow people to stay more than two weeks.  But there was also a group camping in a tent and covered hammock and using the screened shelter.  I don't know if anyone was sleeping in the shelter but they had kayaks on hand.

There are two camping circles.  One has full hook-ups and the other has water and electric.  It's a small but nice camping camping area with shade trees and nice bathrooms.  There is also a stone pavilion.

These two RVs were in the full hook-up area and were the camphosts.

This is a shot of the low water crossing going back to the entrance.  Although you can't seem them in this shot, there were about 6 fishermen here and another 4 or 5 on the other side of the river.  If you drive past the park on Hwy 281 in the summer, you will see people having fun splashing and swimming in the river

We were about 15 minutes out of Marble Falls when we got a call from the kids mother saying that granddaughter Morgan was throwing up.  After several bouts of that, Steve told their mother to turn around and go home and we would drive all the way to Brownwood to pick up Cameron.  Although Morgan was disappointed that she didn't get to spend the weekend with Daddy, Cameron would have been broken-hearted had he not gotten to come either.  Steve drives about 2000 miles round trip from Florida every month to spend the weekend with the kids so not seeing either of them was just not acceptable.  We made a quick stop in Marble Falls to pick up some presents for Morgan before driving the last two hours.  After visiting with her, picking up Cameron, making a quick stop for some sub sandwiches and heading out, we finally arrived home just before midnight.  Long day......


  1. What a neat park - thanks for sharing it! I used to cruise all over the place when I lived in S.A.
    There are so many places to go there to enjoy. It's not like that where I am day, I WILL get this RV out of the driveway!
    Poor Morgan, that doesnt sound like fun.

  2. Sure hope Morgan is feeling better. This flu stuff is not fun. The park looks like a great place to camp for awhile.

  3. Love that view of the day use area.

  4. Sure hope that Morgan is feeling better. Let her know that the pics she gave me at Christmas are still posted in my kitchen.
    Looks like a nice park.


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