The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

No Fleas At This Market - Bussey's In San Antonio

We were off to Bussey's Flea Market this afternoon.  You can see the big armadillo from I-35.  It's actually in Schertz but who's gonna argue.

We quickly realized that the flea market was busier than we had ever seen it  when we saw a block long line of cars along the access road waiting to get to the entrance.  Hmmm...both lines were open into the parking lot.  Parking is a dollar; entrance to the flea market is free.  An interesting way to spend an afternoon. The parking lot goes all along the side and up a hill wrapping behind the display areas.  We ended up in the last row.

You are guaranteed to see some interesting sights....sometimes the goods for sale....sometimes the
 people.   Need some Mexican pottery.  You can find it here.

Perhaps some jewelry elegantly displayed.

Good thing the longdogs are at home.  This shop has all kinds of doggy apparel.  Just a reminder, pets are not allowed at the flea market although there are occasionally dogs for sale as well as birds.  Too much foot traffic for my babies anyway.

There were several booths with plants of all kinds.

Lots of lawn ornaments to go with the plants too.

And wind chimes made from beer cans.

And then there were toys of every kind.  Not fun to pull the kiddos past this one.

Some booths were so neat and organized.

This guy was trying to sell his big, old cabin cruiser boat.  Not sure why the cabin part was off.

You can even buy appliances here.  Hmmm......sold right out of the back of a truck.

This is for those folks that just couldn't make up their mind between a gun and a knife.

Tools of all kinds.

Need a pacifier for that cranky baby?

This shop had all kinds of cute aprons at very reasonable prices.

You might need some pots and pans or dishes to go with your apron.

Masks and swords?

If you get hungry while shopping, they can take care of that too.

And even a place to sit and eat.

Need a petticoat?  Oh, wait, these are tutu's for tiny ladies.

Everybody needs a light made from a bottle of alcohol or would that be a lighted alcohol bottle?

Some Tupperware dealers just skip the parties and sell direct at the Flea Market.

Saddles and bedframes all in one spot.

A sundress selling right next to a sled....hey, wait.....this is San Antonio.

Pinata anyone?  They come in all sizes and shapes.

I think 72 is a little warm for a mink coat but you never know.

Antique phonographs and the music to play in them.

If your RV didn't come with Corian countertops, you can pick up a small one here.

Bring a little spice into your life with Watkins.

Need a beer carrier cowboy hat?  Ah, put that muffler down Dave, you don't need that!

Need a some jewelry fixed while you shop.  That can happen here.

Wow, I'm tuckered out.  How about you?


  1. That does look like a great place. Bet you were glad you live in the RV. Not tempted to buy anything.

    1. Unfortunately, I am not a full-timer as DH is just not loving the RV life like I do so we have a stix and brix and he is a "collector". Moving around before he retired from the Air Force helped keep things in check. Then we retired in Wichita Falls and things mushroomed. We moved down to the San Antonio area about 7 years ago which helped trim things back down but he's been at it again since then....

  2. I'd not want to take any of my guys there either. Glad I wasn't there...I'd get weak around the plants & ornaments! Looks like Schertz may have changed a bit since I lived there a zillion years ago.

  3. This is my kind of place. Haven't seen any flea markets in South Africa though.

  4. Sure would have liked one of those Elmo pinatas for our granddaughter's birthday in May. She loves Elmo. Looks like there was something for everyone. I'm like Merikay now in an RV you can't buy as much. That is good for the pocketbook.

  5. I always find it so amazing that there is so much stuff we can buy. I am so glad I am no longer tempted by that. And we would definitely not take our girls. We don't take them anywhere there is going to be a crowd. Skitz would be so freaked out and Scootz would want to be by the food.

    1. That so describes two of our dachsies.

  6. Thank you, thank you for the photos! I could spend all day in one of those places and have been known to do so in the past. What fun!

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    1. Need to drive to Bussey's to have some of my jewelry fixed!!!


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