The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Last Minute Fun on a Hot Day

It's been pretty hot lately so we were looking for an air-conditioned play space and Chacho's and Chalucci's fit the bill.  They have a big playground with lots of places to climb and slides to get down.  We took a young friend of Cameron and Morgan's along and he had just as good of a time as they did.  We normally sit in this room while the kids play but have to admit that it gets pretty deafening with excited kids playing.  So we found out that the next room has huge windows so you can see the kids just as easily.....maybe easier since you are back just a bit further and the noise is much reduced.  Steve is giving them the "rule of engagement" before playtime begins.

Here he is pointing out exactly where we are sitting.  I took the picture through the window so you can see we are very close.

A half order of chicken nachos for $6 was more than enough for all five of us.  The full order is served on a plate about the size of a turkey platter.  This is a half order.  They have lots of other food, lunch specials, etc.

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  1. Now that is the kind of place that you could wear out the kids easily. I really like the idea of a separate room to help with the noise.


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