The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Weekend at Canyon Lake, TX

Since we were unable to get spots at Inks Lake for the weekend, we put Plan B into action and I called one of my favorite Passport America parks, LaPointe RV Resort at Canyon Lake to see if they had room for us.  The front desk said come on down, we should have room so we headed off on a little one hour jaunt to our next stop.  LaPointe RV Resort is actually a membership campground but they do allow Passport America and Escapee visitors to use the park.  They do not reserve spots for either members or visitors so you just have to take your chances about availability of a spot but we have always been lucky.  I do call ahead just to ensure that chances are good though.  They have some spots with W/E/S and some with just W/E.  We actually prefer those as they are in a more natural area of the park.  Some of the members bring their rigs out and leave them so they won't always be occupied.  Here we are all set up.

The dogs are getting a walk before we hit the pool.  They are busy taking in all the old and new smells.  Steve has the poop bags in hand because we are always good visitors.

The members have added posts to hold the horseshoes since our last visit.  The laundromat is at the top of the picture.  Sometimes things are a little "shabby sheek" since a lot of the maintenance is done as projects by the members but we enjoy it anyway.

The kids love the large L-shaped pool.  As you can see, we had it pretty much to ourselves on Friday afternoon.

Steve is checking out Canyon Lake in the background.  The resort has quite a bit of undeveloped property and you can hike down to the lake and swim or boat there if you like.

Morgan is practicing her dives or belly flops.  She is quite proud of being the "queen" of belly flops.

Cameron is perfecting his diving technique.  This was not one of his best ones as he was just getting warmed up.

Since we were here last year, someone painted the pool maintenance building with this really nice mural.  It looked great.

The lake looks much closer than it actually is here.

This is across the lake at the COE day use area taken with a telephoto lense.  Saturday, it was packed but not too crowded at all on Friday and Sunday.

There is another smaller pool that is above the big pool and right next to the clubhouse.  It is reserved for adults only.

There are lots of deer roaming through the park.

LOTS of deer.  I think these campers were feeding them every day.

We had a wonderful time here.  Our original plan was to leave on Sunday but we stretched it out until Tuesday.  The weather was Texas warm but the pool was cool and we were having fun.


  1. What a great weekend. Looks like a nice RV park.

  2. Nice that you can find such great campgrounds so close to home. Stretching it from Sunday to times.


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