The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

On the Road to Inks Lake, TX

Finally, we packed up the RV and headed north towards Inks Lake State Park.  The anticipation level is running high.  Everyone is psyched.  We stopped for lunch in Marble Falls.  Kids get hungry on a real regular basis whether they are 7 and 9 or 42.  lol.  Back on the road......Steve has such good eyes....he noticed a tire problem that wasn't there when we left San Antonio this morning.  A quick check shows that a belt has let loose.  I do carry a spare and I even have a jack rated for the RV thanks to my husband who added that after had the same problem on the way back from Florida last summer. (I also have coverage that would send someone out to change the tire for me.)   I replaced the second tire in April before I headed to the Rio Grande valley.  So this makes the third tire.  We bought the RV new in 2009 but the tires were 2008 so five years old.....kept covered while parked, no crazing or cracking, belt issues each time.  Tires were checked before each trip and looked fine.  Very actual blowouts or RV damage any time.  We were just going to pull over and check the Internet for a Discount Tire.  I thought the closest one would be back in San Antonio when I spotted the sign a block up the road.  They just opened last November.

We pulled in and they had the right tire.  I thought about it and decided to replace the fourth tire as well if I could negotiate a good enough price.  Deal negotiated......shouldn't have to worry about tires again for quite some time barring road damage.

The dogs got walked and we all waited inside in the A/C.

Somebody worked real hard on these topiaries next door to Discount Tire in Marble Falls.

Back rolling on down the road again........see you at Inks Lake.


  1. You're not too far away. We're at McKinney Falls until Wednesday. Hope to go to Hamilton Pool after our 10K walk this morning.

    Have fun out there!!

  2. Glad you changed both tires. You just never know.


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