The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

A Quiet Relaxing Week

It's been a quiet relaxing week here at the Lake Pointe RV Resort.  I have one neighbor with 4 little dogs.  Although they bark when they are out and someone comes up to the RV, they really haven't been a problem at all.  My dachsies have also been well behaved.

The Traveling Longdogs love to look out the window at the deer just behind the big window at the back of the RV.

Nice park area!

Yes, I have lots of "neighbors" but they are generally a very quiet bunch.

We have been taking walks about three times a day.  It's still warm here but the mornings and evenings are very nice.

Excuse me, can I help you with something?  Nice rack!  There are three or four bucks with very nice racks.  I think these are white tail deer because they flick up white tails when they run off.  The saying "everything in Texas is bigger" definitely doesn't apply to the deer.

There is some traffic....the four legged kind.

Today I drove down the road to this place I have seen so many times as I passed.  Alas, they only sell whole pies and I certainly didn't need one of those.

I spent about an hour and a half in the pool yesterday afternoon and again today.  Yesterday I was the only swimmer but today, there were four other ladies taking a dip.  The pool will gradually get cooler since it is not heated but for now, it feels real good.

We all sat outside while I grilled some chicken but I think the dachsies are ready to come inside for their dinner now.

You can barely see it but they have a pen so we can all sit out together without leashes.  Let's see, it was 91 degrees to love Texas.


  1. The four leggeds are my favorite kind of neighbors.

  2. You sure do have a lot of neighbors that are beautiful. The pups are trying to tell you how much they love chicken.

  3. I think this is one of my favorite places that you camp at. As our girls get older they are becoming much more vocal at meal time. If I haven't got their food ready exactly on time they start whining. I don't like it but I do understand that they are hungry.

  4. You have more will power than I do. I would have had to have a whole pie. lol


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