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The Longdogs
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A Walking Tour of Bandera, TX, Dinner at O.S.T

Some of us went on a walking tour of Bandera on Friday afternoon.  Just stop in at the Visitor's Center and they will give you a map for the self-guided walking tour.  This is the 11th Street Cowboy Bar again where we cooked dinner on Wednesday night. The entrance to the semi-inside bar is on the far right but they can also open the entrance in the other building when they have big crowds.

You just never know what you will see in Bandera.  Looks like customers were enjoying the bar on Friday afternoon.

A typical Texas Hill Country style of house.

Next stop was the gothic style St Stanislaus Church which was built in 1876.

It doesn't matter what your religious preferences are, this church is a work of art.

We saw this huge rocking horse on a nearby porch so we had to get a picture.

The Methodist Church is a completely different style.

The Carmichael Mansion was built in 1890 by H.H. Carmichael.  It was actually started in Medina TX but an Indian raid so disturbed his wife that he moved it down river to Bandera.

And then there is the Bandera Courthouse built in 1890.  Courthouses are special buildings in Texas.

Closeup of the art in front of the Courthouse.

The courtyard in the Western Heritage Park shows the route of the Western Cattle Drive.

You can also take a close look at a lot of famous brands.

This was only a small portion of the sites we saw on the walking tour.  Friday night, we headed to the Old Spanish Trail (OST) restaurant.  They didn't have a buffet the night we were there but the covered wagon contained the salad bar.

The food was great.  They are well known for their Mexican food.

And their delicious chicken fried steak.

Chris and Gloria hopped on the saddles at the bar for a photo op.

We were full and tired when we headed back out to the Skyline Ranch RV Park.

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  1. I like the architecture. You ladies sure know how to have a whompin' western good time.


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