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The Longdogs
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Another GTG as Ellen Breezes Through Town

After Friday's disaster with Moby Dick, another GTG opportunity presented itself to raise my spirits.  Ellen, an online RV friend from WomenRV forum, was on her way through going from Washington state to Houston.

Ellen was planning to work a couple more years to get the max out of her retirement plan when some health issues arose unexpectedly.  She got those issues pretty much under control and decided that life is too short and uncertain to wait on her dream of fulltiming.  So she found her RV, announced her retirement, and set her plan in motion.   Living in an apartment, she was already pared down so she. rented a storage unit, got her remaining possessions moved into either the RV or the storage unit, and headed out.  This is the abbreviated version, of course, you can read more about her travels at

Ellen met up with two other WomenRV forum members up in Kerrville on Friday and then headed to San Antonio on Saturday morning.  A couple of phone calls on Thursday and Friday and the Saturday meet up was all set up.  Birdie, Vicki, Sue, and I met Ellen at Walmart on 1604 and were off to Pompeii Italian Grill for relaxing visit.  Unfortunately, the camera didn't get pulled out until after we had eaten and Vicki had already left.  But here is the rest of the group (l to r) Sue, Colleen, Birdie, and Ellen.

A few hours later, we dropped Ellen off back at Walmart so she could pick up some groceries and be on her way again.  We tried to get her to extend her stay and come to the Bandera GTG but, alas, her sisters are excitedly waiting for her in Houston.

Safe travels Ellen and we all hope to see you again soon!

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  1. Happy to see a brighter side to your woes. Hope all the repairs are completed and all is well and awaiting you next excursion.


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