The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

The Pink FlaminGoes Fall 2013 GTG Gets Underway

It's time. Another GTG is about to begin.  Let the fun begin!

I'm on my way up to the Texas Hill Country.  It's rather chilly for the next day or two but then the weather will return to nice warm days and cool nights.

I'm heading to Bandera!   It's a fun place.

Our GTG is at the Skyline Ranch RV Park in Bandera, TX.  It's on highway 16, just north of the town.  Okay, there wasn't actually a cattle drive going on when I arrived but this is the Cowboy Capital of the World so you just never know.

My last post told you about what I did right after I arrived at the park so we are going to skip over that here and get on to the rest of the day.  Skyline Ranch RV Park is a nice park with several different areas.  Some are very treed and others more open.

The office is in the lighter colored building and the wood plank building is a rec hall.  They also have several different areas that are great for rallys.  There is a laundry, library, workout room, several restrooms, a grilling area, etc.

At the back of the park, there is a path leading back to the Medina River.  There are beautiful big trees.

A little further back, we met some of the friendly neighbors across the fence.

Diana took the time to make a closer acquaintance.  I think a few carrots would have made loyal followers.

The park owns the area right down to the river.  There is an open area for picnicking above the river area.

It was a little cool but the warm weather is coming.  Lots of birds and deer are inhabitants of this area.

On the walk back to our RVs, we took a closer look at the pavillion.

And Birdie and Carolyn were checking out the pond for fish.

This was a great start to our time in Bandera.

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