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Oldest V.F.W. Post in Texas, A Very Unique Experience!

Sunday afternoon, we headed downtown because my daughter-in-law Helen is director of Team Red, White, and Blue in San Antonio. They were having a meeting but we tagged along because they were meeting in a very unique place.....V.F.W.Post 76, the oldest post in Texas.

The post is located in a beautiful Victorian-Style home with large Corinthian columns. There is a huge veranda, basement and attic. At one time there were 17 rooms, 5 fireplaces and two kitchens. The main floor and front stair landing feature original stained glass windows as well as wood trim, window trim, and windows.  The second floor has a unique porcelain pedestal sink, cedar chest, and porcelain floors in the ladies bathroom.

The house was designed by Atler B. Ayers and was completed in 1904. The original owner of the homestead was Van A. Petty, a lumber dealer and real estate owner. He married Cordelia Dabney from Selma, TX, and they had three children. This is the Carriage House next to the mansion.

There are even rumors of two ghosts that haunt the house, a girl running up and down the stairs and an old man who likes to move furniture around. Two howitzers guard the entrance.

The charter of V.F.W. Post 76 is unique, not only because of the beautiful mansion but because of the charter itself which was issued June 15, 1917. The organizers were veterans of the Spanish American War. The members met at the mansion until 1946 when Mr Petty donated use of the house to the membership. Current membership includes veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Memorial bricks pave the area in front of the porch.

This V.F.W. is also unique because, since because the house is one of a kind, the membership decided to open it to the general public. This gate gives entrance to the post......

....directly from the San Antonio Riverwalk. It is located along the newer Museum Reach portion of the Riverwalk. Pretty impressive with a great view of the Riverwalk.

We left the V.F.W. post to walk along the Riverwalk. When you pass under the Jones Avenue bridge, you will hear all sorts of nature sounds coming from speakers. It is part of Bill Fontana's "invisible artwork".

We were on our way to "The Luxury", a nearby eatery on the river. This unique restaurant is built from cargo containers and all seating is outside.

The menu as well as the restaurant itself is eclectic.

The grandkids had hamburgers which were not on the menu but available for kids. They were huge. Steve and I had the Pulled Pig and Helen had the Chicken Curry which was served in lettuce leafs. Everything was good. One order of fries was enough for the whole table. An interesting place to try.


  1. I hear so much about the San Antonio Riverwalk, but never mention of this remarkable mansion/Post. Have to wonder if the howitzers protect anybody from the ghosts. ;)

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