The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Halloween at Fiesta Texas

After our trip to the oldest V.F.W. in Texas and dinner at The Luxury, we had another surprise for the grandkids.  We were on our way to Fiesta Texas....Six Flags. The whole month of October is set aside for Halloween.

This couple looked like they didn't want to be disturbed.

There was a crowd but not the kind you would expect.

Steve, Helen, and Cameron headed for some the the big scary rides. Morgan likes to hang with Grandma....we don't care for those kind of rides. Crowds were not too heavy though so after Morgan and I did the bumper cars, the rest of the gang caught up with us and did the bumper cars wait!

This time I sent Morgan off by herself and she and Helen had no trouble keeping up with the guys.

Morgan likes the airplanes that go up and down with you controlling the take-offs and landings.

There were some scary areas set up with zombies. They all headed in ahead of me and I don't think Morgan knew what she was getting into because, after that, we found the zombie free zones. Generally Fiesta Texas is pretty family friendly but I have one real bone to pick with them. They were selling "No Boo" necklaces warning their employees not to approach the wearer. Really....$5 apiece so that young kids don't have someone in their face scaring them. Profiting from not scaring young kids (or anyone for that matter) is just disgusting.

We got Morgan out of that area as quickly as we could. The characters were way too realistic and gory.

Everyone had a ride on the carousel.

Morgan and I had three rides in a row.

The weather was absolutely fantastic, the crowds were pretty small, and other than the zombie run in, everyone had a great time.

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  1. That's ridiculous, $5 to Not scare people. The rest looks like fun and I'm with you and Morgan on the gentle rides.


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