The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Back at Pearl Brewery Farmers Market

Saturday morning was beautiful. The nights have been a little cooler (mid 60s) so the mornings are too. Helen and I were here a couple of weeks ago but it has been a long time since Steve came along. This is not just a regular farmers market. In fact, it really isn't the best place to get fruit and vegetables but it is an event every weekend. The Pearl is the fancy building on the right but all the plainer buildings have all been reutilized for new purposes. There are lots of lofts and apartments in this area which are in repurposed buildings or new ones that fit in with the old. It would be an interesting and exciting place to live. One of these days I am going to make a trip down here when the Market is not in progress just to get a better view of ordinary life here. There are restaurants, bakeries, bookstores, pubs, etc......a real neighborhood.

This weekend was special because it also included the annual Herb Market which has been going on for over 20 years.....not all at the Pearl Brewery venue, of course.  They sell all sorts of herbs and provide lots of information and demonstrations.

Angus got to tag along on this trip too as Helen and I notices lots of dogs during the last trip. He was very excited. He loves people and other dogs.

I have never seen sweet potatoes as large as the ones they had in this booth.

I have to put in a little plug for my friend Amy. Amy is the Pastry Chef at Biga on the Banks, a popular upscale restaurant on the riverwalk. Every Saturday, she has a booth here with the most delectable baked goods. You do not want to miss her scones. This week she had bacon, cheddar, chive scones and orange scones. Of course she also had huge cinnamon rolls, all kinds of specialty breads, breakfast kolaches, etc. I managed to catch this photo in between crowds of customers.

Humble House always has a booth too and they give demonstrations of some of their recipes. They even have a monthly schedule so you don't miss something you are really interested in.

Spiced nuts are always popular.

These little guys were all dressed for a party. I missed getting photos of all the dogs that attended and all were well behaved. Of course, you would have to be an idiot to bring a dog that was unfriendly or afraid of crowds and other dogs.

We had coffee and some of Amy's baked goods outside at the Local Coffee Shop. Angus could hardly keep up with all his fans...from little kids to a very senior generation...all wanted to pet him and he was happy to oblige.

Getting ready for a demonstration to start....I think it was a light version of Chicken Alfredo.

The lavender from Imagine Lavender out of Blanco TX always smells so fantastic.

The booths are spread over several different streets.

Just as we were on our way out, I spotted this unique outdoor chandelier. And then we were off to the parking garage....did I mention that parking is free and there are several different lots as well as a parking garage.

We headed even closer to downtown to have lunch at The Cove, a beer garden with inside and outside seating. They serve sustainable, organic, local food and are well rated on Urban Spoon and Yelp and are #78 out of over 4000 restaurants in San Antonio. Everyone, including Angus, enjoyed sitting outside on the patio for lunch. It was a great day overall.


  1. The only time we were in San Antonio it was cold and even a little snowy and we about froze on the Riverwalk. We didn't do much sight seeing while we were there. Never in a million years could we take our girls to a place like that. All that food, other dogs and people - not a good thing for them. lol

  2. Not sure I could carry everything I'd want to buy at a farmer's market like that.

  3. Such a wonderful market, a place I'd like to shop at with organics and home mades.


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