The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Off to Montgomery....Montgomery, TX That is

Monday morning rolled around and I was more than ready to be on the road in the RV again on my way to a Pink FlaminGoes GTG with some of my RVing lady friends.  I brought it back from storage on Friday to avoid the Easter weekend crowd so I had time to load things without rushing. So there was no big rush on Monday. I headed up I-35 to San Marcos and then cut off east on TX-21 to 290. I managed a few wildflower shots along the way.

It is still disconcerting to drive through the Bastrop area and see the devastation that remains several years after the bad fires that passed through that area. There were some really gorgeous wildflower displays north of Bastrop in the median between the north and south lanes but, unfortunately, there wasn't really any place I could pull over to snap some pictures. There was an unusual amount of different color flowers that made the scene especially vibrant. But I did manage to get some bluebonnet fields along the way.

The Traveling Longdogs and I pulled off onto the access road at Carmine. I saw a small Visitor's Center but when I got closer, they were only open two weekends a month. There was a large tree shading the roadside so it was still a great place to stop for lunch. The first Pink FlaminGoes GTG that I attended was held near Carmine. I turned off and drove down the road to Round Top intending to visit the Heritage Square again. Apparently I just missed the Spring Antique Show over Easter weekend because there were huge white tents set up at places all along the highway and in Round Top. They were in the process of taking the tents down. When I got to Round Top, it looked like parking with the 5th wheel would be difficult because there were a lot of no parking signs. I did find a big parking lot behind the Heritage Square which was empty....great!  Oh, oh.....not so great. Everything was closed down after the big show. So back on the road we went.
My original plan was to take my time all day and arrive at the Walmart in Brenham about dinner time to stock up on some groceries and boondock in the parking lot. I arrived somewhat earlier than planned and, alas, there were no overnight parking signs posted in several places so I had to regroup. Plan B....just head on to the GTG and check in a day early. I knew a couple of others would be there so off we went.
There was some construction in the area where I expected to connect with highway 105 so I apparently missed it. A few miles down the road I decided maybe I should fire up the GPS and find the best way to connect. Okay.....right turn just a few miles ahead and we should connect back up. Well, "Hillary" had me turn left onto a road that far better fit the description of a lane than a road. There was no center line but it was just wide enough to pass another car. My biggest concern was that the "lane" had lots of trees along it and I was praying that they wouldn't hang down too low. Surprisingly, I had several trucks following along behind me so the lane was fairly well traveled. It was a big relief when we connected back up to 105 and scooted on down towards Montgomery.
As I got close the Lake Conroe KOA RV Park, I looked off to my left and saw a Phoenix Cruiser pulling a red Fit and knew it was my friend MaryJane. We checked into the park together. Let the fun begin!

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  1. The wildflowers are gorgeous. You ladies always have so much fun. Looking forward to reading about it.


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