The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

A View from the Inside....Prison That Is

Some of group members had to leave on Sunday and a few more on Monday. Pat and Martha didn't want to miss Monday's outing to the Texas Prison Museum in Huntsville so Martha drove the rig up so they could head home right after lunch.

With a watch tower right there, you might feel like someone was watching you every minute.

I should point out that the Texas Prison Museum is separate from the actual prison and not run by the prison at all but they have a lot of items used in the prison system there for you to look at. This might seem like a strange place to visit but it is actually one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. The man behind the desk hustled right out to take a picture so that we could all be in the photo. The two guys working there were really nice.

The prison actually has it's own cemetery.

There were a lot of information boards all around telling you all about the prison system and life there.

Lots of great exhibits too. This cell was actually used in one of the prisons.

There were also a lot of items made by prisoners on display as well.

This is Old Sparky.

There was really a lot to see and read here at the museum. Huntsville had a very well known Rodeo for a long time. There was also information on some of the more famous prisoners as well. There were some surprises in that category.

After we finished up at the museum, we headed to the Farmhouse CafĂ©. It wasn't crowded at all when we arrived as we were pretty early. By the time we left, however, all the table were filled and there was a waiting line. I didn't get any pictures of our food but it was delicious! The prices were reasonable and the daily lunch specials which differed every day were a real bargain. They also had a few lunch specials they offered every day. Several of us had chicken fried steak (our waiter said it was the most popular item they serve). Carolyn had grilled chicken and she had more than enough for two meals so one went home with her. They also served us broccoli cheese cornbread and homemade rolls while we waited....we didn't have much of a wait either. The man at the museum told us it was too bad it wasn't Wednesday as they have his favorite....chicken and dumplings. Of course, he also said he picked out his dessert before he even decided what to order for a meal. The pies looked so good that we finally broke down and ordered dessert for the first time. My strawberry pie was a work of art and tasted out of this world.

We said goodbye to Martha and Pat and the rest of us headed back to the RV park. I think we all spent some time getting things like dumping, cleaning tanks, and packing up outside things since it was supposed to rain in the morning. Then we got together and visited for the last time.

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