The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Off to Old Town Spring, TX

Tuesday afternoon brought an influx of other Pink FlaminGoes to the RV park. The park set aside an area for us so we all knew where we were going to park before we got there. It's a very nice park with ample spacing between sites....and there are a lot of sites situated around two ponds. They also have a lot of cabins....some pretty large here. Plus a pool, tennis courts, jumping bag, and several other games and activities. I'll some pictures before I leave.

We decided to head over to World Burgers for dinner. Great burgers.....lots of choices! I may be in trouble for this picture but it was such a good one of Carolyn.

Sorry, no pictures of the burgers but they were definitely good.

Wednesday morning rolled around and we headed off to Old Town Spring. Wow, it looks like they were expecting us.

Old Town Spring is an interesting place to visit. This was my second trip. You can follow this meandering path around to a bunch of unique little shops.

They have all kinds of shops, some antique stores, and a museum.

The area is not huge but there is plenty to occupy you for a couple of hours or more depending on your browsing habits. There is some parking on the streets, a small lot by the museum, and a larger lot on the edge of the area.

You'll find a number of different places to eat scattered around.

A fire the end of March destroyed part of a 100 year old building closing the popular Wunsche Bros. Café and Saloon. The owners say they will be back but you won't have that choice for a while.

There is also a Doll Hospital in Old Town Spring.

We had lunch at Ellen's and it was delicious. They have all kinds of sandwiches, quiche, soup, salads, etc., that are really good. You can also indulge in some dessert but none of us had room for that.

After we returned to the RV park, some of us were decorating the Rally Room while others were napping......I won't say who. A potluck dinner was on the agenda for the evening. Lots of choices for everyone. We usually "wing it" for potlucks and always end up with a decent mix of appetizers, main dishes, and desserts.

Claudia (as co-hostess for the Gtg with Chris) put together some nice little bags of goodies for everyone. She said her daughter gets a lot of the credit but we all know how delegation works. lol

Tomorrow we are off to learn more about Sam Houston.


  1. Nothing like a good burger in my book. What a fun place to wander around.

  2. You girls do know how to have a great time. (((Hugs))) to all.


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