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Canadian Trip Wrap-Up

It's been almost two weeks since we arrived home from our Summer trip to Canada. It took that long to get all the photos edited and blog posts written from our final week on the road. So a very short post on thoughts about our trip.

It was a really great trip divided into three basic parts: The trip up (4 days), The time in Calgary and Strathmore, and The trip home (6 days). Every part of the trip was fantastic.

We made the trip up in only 4 days and still managed to see the center of Colorado, the Grand Tetons, and part of Yellowstone including Old Faithful. Not bad at all but it just wet our appetite for more.

We had a fantastic time in Canada and got to get together with my Aunt Doreen and cousins Shirley and Jack, Janice and Stan, Ken and Marilyn, and Glen as well as Shirley's daughters and partners, Lisa and Charity plus Ben and Will, as well as Krissi and Matt. Thanks to Shirley and Jack for their hospitality and guided tours as well as to Lisa and Charity for the same to Steve and Helen. And special thanks to Ken and Marilyn for flying down with Aunt Doreen from Penticton BC. And to Janice and Stan for coming in from Red Deer and to Glen who drove down from even further north. It was so wonderful to see all of you.

The 6 days we spent on the drive home were spectacular providing us wonderful views of the Canadian Rockies, a totally different view of Yellowstone, more of the Grand Tetons, the Flaming Gorge area, a short sojourn into Utah, and a wild trip through western Colorado.

It was great to travel with Steve and Helen. Angus is a great traveler too. The only downside was shuffling suitcases in and out every night but it was a roadtrip not an RV trip. We covered about 5000 miles over a period of 18 days. There were so many places it would have been wonderful to have the RV and spend more time exploring the different areas and trying out some of the multitude of National Park and National Forest Services campgrounds..

It was a great adventure!


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