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Equally Beautiful Lake Louise Canadian National Park and Lake Moraine

The next area in Banff that we visited was the Hot Springs. You don't see the pool until you get right up to the building where you go inside and down to the pool area.

Here we are looking over the balcony. It looks like a regular pool but the water is very warm.

This is your view from the pool.

This is the building where you enter and get ready for the hot springs experience. They also do spa treatments.

They have lots of areas along the road where you can pull over and enjoy the view as well as take pictures.

Nice water fall area along the river.

Just one of the many beautiful hotels in the park.

Another view of the castle.

The scenery speaks for itself.......even cloudy, it is just beautiful.

The lakes and rivers are everywhere as well.

This poster tells about the special bridges built for wildlife to cross the road. They are not unique to Banff as we also saw them in Montana and Wyoming. The animals they were build for were very elusive.

The water in the lakes is so pretty....some blue, some green, some turquoise.

On to Lake Louise.

The water in the lake is a really beautiful different.

We followed one of several paths from the hotel to the lake front area.

Here the water looks almost green.

My cousin Shirley and her husband Jack did such a great job of showing me the area.

There is a glacier at the far end. The canoes were out in full force. You can rent them right on the beach.

More views of the lake.

We found a couple of park rangers telling about the lake and the unique water color.

There is a huge hotel right next to the lake.

The inside is just as magnificent and impressive as the outside.

Lots of visitors were having lunch in the dining room.

A view of the lake from the hotel balcony.

There are flowers everywhere. It is amazing how large and abundant they grow with such a short growing season.

This cabin was near the hotel. They had a sign saying they had free marshmallow roasts every evening.

It was late in the afternoon when we left Lake Louise and headed back towards Calgary.

The clouds and rain were beginning to set in a little more earnestly as we headed up the road to Lake Moraine..

By the time we reached the lake, it was raining pretty good although you can't see it in this picture. I enjoyed every minute of this day. We headed out at 9:30 AM and didn't get back to Calgary until 8:00PM.


  1. Just now catching up on my blog reading. We absolutely loved the Canadian Rockies when we visited in 2010. Know you're having a wonderful time.

  2. Very good day, indeed. Banff, Lake Louise, and the Icefields Parkway just can't be described sufficiently. They are so spectacular. As my mom told me, "No matter which way you point your camera, you will take a beautiful photo."


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