The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Back to Frank Brown Aquatic Center

Steve was up very early this morning so he could get a bike ride in before the kids were ready to do something.  He and Helen don't get to sleep in very often because they like to ride.  I think he headed out about 6:30 AM for a 44 mile ride; Helen left much earlier than that for work and the rest of us including the dachshunds were sleeping.  That is just a "regular" ride and not a training ride for those two.

I think the camera lens was a little fogged from all the humidity in the first photo.  You can see that Steve was pretty much dripping wet when he got back from the ride.  The kids were just eating breakfast.

This is Steve's triathlon bike.  You can see the aero bars that the triathletes lay down on like Steve is doing.    

We decided to head out to the saltwater pool at Frank Brown again as the passes from last summer were about to run out.  About half way to the pool, it started raining.  Steve said we would keep going because the weather varies so much around here because of the ocean.  It wasn't raining when we got there but looked even worse in the distance--no lightning, just rain--so they headed in to swim.  The low hanging black clouds skirted all around us while the upper clouds moved across and we never did get any rain at the pool.

Here is Cameron executing a mid-air jump.

Steve was swimming next to Morgan so she could swim across the deep end by herself.  She does pretty well when she concentrates on the swimming.

Everyone was worn out when we headed home.  The kids are usually good for a quick nap coming and going especially after some good exercise.  I managed to get a little sunburned even though I was under a canopy most of the time.  Steve and Helen go through a lot of sunscreen themselves and double that amount when the kids are here.

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