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The Longdogs
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Since not every one who wants to know what I am doing in my travels is a regular reader of blogs, I was advised to move the Followers Section to the top of the right hand column so it would be easier to find. "Following" a blog just means that you want to read it and be notified of an update.  Clicking on the "Join this site" button doesn't commit one to anything.  It just adds the blog to your dashboard if you have your own blog and adds the blog to the list of blogs in Google Reader.  Google Reader is an easy way to follow blogs.  It shows when a blog has a new post so you don't have to go to each blog and check--great especially if you follow a lot of blogs and they don't all update every day.  You can read the post directly on Google Reader or click the blog entry title to go directly to the blog.  Sorry for all the info if you are already well versed in this but I hope it helps someone who doesn't know.

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