The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Sun and Pirates Alley

The sun was in full view all day today.  The kids got a surprise when their Dad decided to take them to a putt putt golf place called the Pirates Alley.  Florida is apparently big on the former pirates that were here.  Anyway, it was a cute place so I decided to forego playing to take pictures.

Here's the pro team ready to start!  Had to change out Cameron's club as he picked one that was too long for him but at least we discovered it right away.

Dad gives Morgan a few pointers on how to get her ball to go where she wants it to go.

Everyone is seriously studying the lay of the next hole.

Cameron was serious about his shots and trying to get them in using the fewest shots.

Morgan had a bit more trouble getting the ball where she wanted it but she was having fun anyway.

Steve, Cameron, and Morgan all posed in front of the waterfall hoping that a few drops would spray out on them because it was beginning to get pretty hot.

This hole had a really big drop, actually three drops depending on where your ball landed.

We packed water bottles and this was the only place we could find a little shade to stop and take a rest.  One of the maintenance people was just ahead of everybody on the course painting the benches.  Not a smooth move.  Of course, Ms Morgan just had to try one of them out.

We found a bit more shade at the end of the course and stopped to enjoy it.

Steve and I were thinking about a "home improvement" project for those really trying days after we saw these.

Everyone had a great morning.  We came back to the house for lunch, took a short nap, and then the kids and their Dad went for a swim in the bay near the house.  Next time I will get pictures.

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