The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Headed to Mustang Island TX, 1 Mar 2012

I planned to be on the road this morning about 8 AM but when I got up, I was greeted with pea soup fog.  According to the radio there were quite a few accidents and morning traffic was delayed so I had some coffee and decided to take my time about leaving since there was no definite arrival time I had to meet.  Finally about 9:15 I couldn't stand it any more so I headed out to gas up the car and be on my way.  Traffic on I-35 was definitely still backed up so I decided to take the back way around town on 1518 to 1604 outer loop which joins right up to 37 headed to Corpus Christi.

It is pretty open country on that route so there was no traffic to worry about.  As you can see, it was still cloudy and a bit foggy as I rolled down 37.  Looks like some RVers are already headed north over there on the left side of the road.

The sky was clear as I rolled through Corpus Christi.  Although it has definitely built up since my last trip there about 8 years ago, it is still very easy to get around in.  There is a multi-lane loop that takes you over in the direction of Flour Bluff where the bridge out to Padre and Mustang Islands is located.  Flour Bluff is also where NAS Corpus Christi is located.  They have a nice campground on the station which is where we always stayed on previous visits to this area.

Ah, my destination is in sight.  Although a state park, this camping area is more like a group of sites along the edges of a paved lot.  Doesn't sound that attractive but it works quite well.  There aren't any trees, of course, but the dunes are behind you and provide some break from the wind off the ocean as it is on the ocean side of the island.

There is a gate at the entrance with a camphost there much of the time but you have to go on to this building to register for camping or day visits.

This is my gracious hostess for most of the weekend, Carolyn.  The camera is permanently attached to her hand so she doesn't end up in many of the pictures--until now that is.  Caroline pulled the big 5ver behind her from Butte LaRose, LA for this GTG.  She met up with three other rigs at the great rest area there and caravanned to Galveston Island State Park for a couple of nights before arriving at this GTG.  This GTG was organized by the Open Road Singles (ORS) group who graciously included WomenRV forum members.

Late afternoon found some of us gathered in the area between Bob's motorhome and ML's motorhome.  From l to r, Birdie, Liz, Carol, Sue, and Caroline.

As you can see, the daytime temps were warm and toasty but they cooled off quickly after the sun started to set.  Beth and Diana joined Birdie and Liz in this photo.

Sue, Carol, and Bob were on the other end of the circle in front of Bob's rig.

Working our way around the group, Pete, Karin, and Gloria were in front of ML's rig.

This is ML and one of her two large birds (macaw, I believe) that travel with her.  She has had them for 16 years.  Friendly enough as long as you keep your fingers to yourself.

Gloria, ML, Beth, the birds, Diana, and Birdie.

Beth looks pretty cold here.  She visited with everyone in short visits as she was not feeling at all well for most of the GTG.  She thought she had food poisoning--hey, she arrived with it and didn't get it at the GTG.


  1. Looks like a great place for gathering with friends.

  2. Great pics of the group, Colleen.


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