The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Mustang Island GTG, Day 4, Pancake Breakfast

The whole group is gathering this morning for a Pancake Breakfast.  Here you can see Carol, Gloria, Caroline, and Vickie waiting for the festivities to begin.

Karen west, her friend Carol, Carol, Gloria, and ML are visiting.  Alice was really busy cooking up a storm this morning as she made all the pancakes and there were enough for an army much larger than our group.  Pete was also busy as he fixed bacon and sausage.  I think ML and Bob may have helped with that as well.

ORS members had their banner up in preparation for a photo session.

ML, Pete, Karen, and Beth are in line at the breakfast buffet.

The cooks--Alice on the left and Pete and ML on the right.  Thanks for a great breakfast!

Here are the members of the Women RV group (l to r), Liz, Birdie, Karen West, Alice, Sprinter, me, Vickie, Caroline, Sue, Karen, Diana, Martha, and Darlene.  Beth and Peaches are in the very front.  Some of the ladies are also members of ORS.  I am not as I am merely an RV widow, not a single widow (lol).

Some of us headed down for a walk on the beach after breakfast.  This is the beach access at the state park.

There are breakers but the wind was not as strong as it was some of the rest of the time.  On the upside, a strong ocean breeze helps keep down the mosquitoes.  If you head down this way, be prepared because they do have mosquitoes here although Caroline said they were nearly as bad as they were at Galveston Island State Park.  They don't bother you during the day but come out in the evening.

Another parasailer getting ready to go boarding.

Lots of birds enjoying the beach too.

When I got back, Pete had just finished doing some work on Alice's rig (on the right).  Now Alice always tells us that her rig is in the shop far more than it is out but it is a nice looking rig.

I know I am missing some of our activities but I wasn't able to post while at the park.  Although they have Internet, it is only available if you sit over by the park office.  We were far too busy having fun during the day and the mosquitoes would have carried me off at night.  Such is my sad tale as I am not a full-timer and don't have traveling Internet access nor a fancy phone that will provide it.


  1. For mosquitos, try your favorite lotion with some lavender oil in it. It really works! Can't remember where I learned of it, but I blogged about it in the past. Sounds like lots of fun there - enjoy!

  2. Really nice job telling the story in words and pictures, Colleen.


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