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The Longdogs
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Mustang Island GTG, Day 5, On the Hunt for an RV

I probably wore you out with yesterday's post but I promise today's will be much shorter.  My original plan was to head home today but Birdie asked if I could go to Houston with her and Liz to look at RVs for Liz.  I helped Birdie shop for hers so she thinks my negotiating skills are pretty good.  They were well developed during my career in contracting for the Air Force.  

Since we were planning to head out very early in the morning.  Vickie and I traded sleeping arrangements so that she and Caroline (with whom I was staying) wouldn't have to get up at o-dark-thirty.  A wise move on her part I think.  Karen West left yesterday so Liz had already moved over to Karen's rig before Vickie arrived.

We arrived at PPL in Houston about 10:30 AM.  They send you off to look at the rigs by yourself which is kind of nice.  Liz had already done her Internet research and knew there were two rigs she was particularly interested in.  I won't go into all the details as Liz will want to do that herself.  Suffice it to say that we checked out not only those two rigs but every other B+ and small C that they had on the lot.  Liz even insisted on climbing up on the roof of the one she was most interested in to check it out.  We looked in every cupboard and storage area to check for any stains or leaks. Since there were security cameras, they must have seen how thoroughly we were looking.  

Liz decided to make an offer on one so we went in to find a salesman.  She told him what she planned to offer.  You have to make a written offer so he put together the offer while we went to lunch.  PPL is in the consignment business so they are actually showing the rigs for the owner.  When we came back, Liz signed the offer and off the salesman went.  Obviously he just went in to see the manager as he was quickly back with a counteroffer.  Apparently the owners give PPL a range they will accept.  Liz countered again and told him that it was her final offer as there were other fish in the sea.  They had to contact the owner since the offer was below his range but he came back with an okay. 

Liz is paying for an inspection.  If it doesn't pass the list of items they have to inspect, the owner will be contacted and asked to repair the item.  If he chooses not to do so, Liz is off the hook and will not proceed with the buy.  So, the inspection could not be scheduled before Friday or Saturday know how busy they always say they are.

We headed back to Mustang Island.  It was getting towards sunset as we left Rockport headed toward Aransas Pass.  We couldn't pass up these photos. 

It was a long day and we missed the spaghetti potluck dinner back at the GTG but, hopefully, Liz has found her next home and it will all work out.  We shall see and she find another if this turns out to not be the right one.


  1. I almost went to PPL yesterday just to blow some time. My doc's office is a couple of exits away from them. Which rig did she make an offer on? Did you see the little Maverick? It is so cute! Seems to be in good shape. Of course, it's pretty small too though, but cute.

  2. If you will, please read Dizzy's blog.....

  3. Hope that works out for Liz. Nice to find a home that you like so quickly. Gorgeous sunset.


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