The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Playing Ball and Dancing the Night Away

Today was one of those really long days.  We were up and on the road from San Antonio to Brownwood TX at 0500.  I don't really consider that morning anymore because we drove an hour before it got to be daylight outside.  We arrived at Brownwood and found our way to the new baseball fields in time for Cameron's first game of the day at 0930.  Here he is in pitcher position even though the kids at this age use a pitching machine.  Someone has to be there to do the rest of the pitcher job.

Here he is sliding into 3rd base.

Now he is the catcher.  They rotate the kids to all of the different positions so they learn the game better and figure out what they are best at.

I'm not sure if Morgan was practicing her cheerleader moves or just having fun on the playground.

 The boys played three games today:  9:00, 10:30, and 1:00 so it was a long day.  They lost the last game or there would have been more games after that.  I think three games is a lot for an 8 year old, I know some of them were dragging.  Here is Cameron with his medal.  He also got game ball as he will be gone for the rest of the season.  Since he is going to spend the next 6 weeks with his Dad, he didn't think missing the upcoming games was any big deal.

After a short break at the motel, Steve and I were off to the Dance Recital in Bangs, TX about 10 miles away.  Have you ever been to a dance recital?  Interesting, one little girl cried all the way through the first number.  I'm guessing she was about 2, not more than 3.  What are parents thinking?  The recital started at 5:00 with a one by one parade across the red carpet.  There must have been 100 girls.  Then the dance routines started.  Morgan with her Dad at intermission.

This is the outfit for the second routine that Morgan was in.

At the end of the show, each of the girls received a certificate and some of them got flowers from their families.

Here is the tired dancer and her proud Dad after the show which lasted until about 8:15PM.

The kids went home with their mother and we finally got some dinner before hitting the bed early.  Tomorrow at noon, we pick off the kids and head back to San Antonio to get the RV ready.  If all is ready, we will head out to Florida on Monday.


  1. Y'all's kids are adorable. You are truly blessed!
    ps~There is still an Underwood's BBQ cafeteria in Brownwood.(so good)

  2. Great looking kids. Don't you love ball tournaments? We spent Friday nite, most of yesterday, and today, at the ballpark watching our grand daughter.

  3. A very long day indeed. Never heard of a pitching machine before but it makes sense. Love the shot of Cameron crouching down, the 3rd shot down. Morgan looks lovely and I'ms enjoyed her dance routine.


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