The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Texas to Florida - Beaumont TX Stop

Monday morning we finished loading the refrigerator and freezer items and we were off.  The plan was to head out by 9:00AM but DH who was not traveling with us kept coming up with items that Steve really needed to take back to Florida (so he would have more room in his storage building, lol).  Anyway, two bicycles and a folding bike later, we were on the road and it was only 9:10AM.  Not too bad.  

This is how the Traveling Longdogs like to travel.  They have never once asked "Are we there yet?  How many more miles?  Is it time to eat yet?  Well, maybe they have asked the last one if it was way after 6:00PM but as far as traveling companions go, they can't be beat.

Can't really complain about the kids too much either as they were pretty excited about traveling with the RV again.  They managed to get in a snooze or two themselves.

Fortunately, both the drivers were wide awake and alert at all times.  Steve loves to drive so I had to set some limits about who was driving when with the comment "because it's my RV".

We arrived in Beaumont, TX about 3:00PM and quickly found the Passport America park I had found earlier.  I called and made a reservation about an hour before we got there so they were expecting us.  The Gulf Coast RV Resort is located fairly close to I-10 so it is easy to find.  The sites are all pull-through and the rate was $20.  The kids were thrilled to see the swimming pool and the playground.  They have family style bathrooms which were nice.  There is also a laundry room and a small exercise room although I have to admit we didn't check that out.  The dogs also enjoyed the small off leash fenced area.  All the roads and sites are concrete.

The pictures were taken after supper which is why they are a little dark.  We had already enjoyed the pool once and we were on our way back over after having a quick dinner in the RV.  This is the office (far end) and rec room (center) with the bathrooms and laundry on the close end.  The pool was located in a fence patio area between the two buildings.  We were given a key card to give us access to everything.

The kids had a great time on this nice playground too.

This was taken right before we left the pool on Monday evening.  Everyone was very friendly and there were a number of families that were there on vacation.

 A real nice touch that we have not run into at another park was the free breakfast they offer each morning.  It's set up in the rec room and is a "help yourself" affair.  They had two Texas shaped waffle machines, gravy and biscuits, cereal, bagels and cream cheese, coffee and juice.  That was really nice way to start out our second day on the road.


  1. When I am finally out there on the road, I hope that I can find PA parks as nice.

  2. What a great first day and night! I will have to remember that park when traveling thru Texas.

  3. I love that the longdogs are such good travelers. Duncan looks the same as we go down the road, but perks up as soon as I slow down as if to say is it time for a walk. Best of all he doesn't get upset when I take the scenic detours I occasionally take.

  4. You just have to get Steve sleepy so you can drive:)) Doxies are great travellers.


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