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The Longdogs
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Texas to Florida - Biloxi MS Stopover

We had plans to stop at the Cajun Palms RV Resort in Henderson LA and to have a chance to visit a Pink FlaminGoes RV friend that lives nearby in Butte LaRose.  The park is a bit more expensive than I like to pay but they have a waterpark area and huge pools so we planned to arrive about noon and get our monies worth.  However, the closer we got, the darker the sky got and it was easy to tell that the weather was turning bad.  Not much point in stopping at a water park and my friend was at work all day so we headed on down the road.

Yup, we called it right.  Pretty soon it was pouring.  It was one of those rains that was so hard you really want to pull over but you don't dare because people couldn't see you.  It was like that for about an hour so we were all traveling rather slowly down the road.

During our lunch stop, we were checking out possible overnight stops.  We found one that looked good in Biloxi, Ms. and another further down the road in Alabama.  Since we knew there was a pool, we decided to stop early again.  I think Steve and the kids all liked the park last night so well, they were afraid this one wouldn't be as good.  Martin Lake Resort was every bit as good if not even better.  They only had one pull-through which we got but it wouldn't have been a hardship if we had gotten one of the regular sites because they were all paved, extra wide and long enough to leave the vehicle hooked up.  $20 Passport America rate.

The playground was like something out of Disney.  It was three stories high and lights came on when it  was dusk and started going out about 9:30PM.

There was a beach area on a small lake.  Up above the beach were picnic tables and grills.  Further along the lake were places to fish.

In addition to the sandy beach and lake bottom, there were free paddle boats and life jackets.  You can see some of the ducks and geese that were around the lake area.

They also had real cute little cabins for rent across from the playground.

The pool was large and very clean.  I managed to catch a picture of it while people were out eating supper.  The beach closed at dark but the pool was open until 10:00PM when quiet time started and it was nice and quiet all night.  I was also surprised that there were very few mosquitoes and there has been a lot of rain in the area.

The jacuzzi was wonderful, nice and warm and very relaxing.

Another great stop--I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


  1. That's quite some place to stop for $20!

  2. Wow! Another nice find. I am sure the kids enjoyed this RV park, t

  3. Free papdle boats....amazing. Bet the grans think you are the very best in the world.

  4. Looks like a great park. I need to make a note of it as a possible stop on our way back from picking up my grandson.

  5. You work so hard finding those spots. Or is that they find you. Aren't you glad you joined that, what's it? passport america!!! Thank goodness you have a pushy friend!


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