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The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Water, Water Everywhere

So what do you do when you are in Florida in the summer??  Well, especially if you are kids, you get as much time in the water as possible.  This is the Frank Brown Pool in Panama City Beach, Florida.  My son and daughter-in-law have a family pass and were lucky enough this year to score a great buy on it through Groupon as the passes don't come cheap.  Even though the kids are only here for 6 weeks, DS and DIL use the pool year round for training.  In the summer, the pool is "cooled" if you can believe that one and in the winter it is heated since it is outside.  This is the play area.

This is one end of the big pool.  Part of it is always sectioned off in lanes for all the swim teams that practice here.  They have a diving area at the deep end and a swimming area at the other end for everyone else.  You can also see the baseball fields in the background.  they have some sort of tournament going on next week.

Here is Morgan swimming across the deep end.

The big splash was Steve.

The end of the play pool also has a big water slide.  This year was Morgan's first time on it.

Steve and the kids are on the way back to the area where we had our stuff set up.

Helen pulled her back so she was only sunbathing on this trip.

We have another favorite place to swim at Deer Point Lake.  The water is not nearly deep enough to dive off the swim platforms.  And no, Alice, we have not seen any alligators here.  This is a little county park--not fancy but works for us.  I think a lot more people smoke in Florida than in Texas though.  They are even puffing away while they are in the water.

The kids have goggles which are necessary when they swim in the bay but they are underwater so much here that they help to keep their eyes from getting red.  The water temp has been getting warmer each time we come which is about every other day.

Not too crowded during the week but lots more people on the weekend.

You can't dive but you can jump so there is usually plenty of jumping going on.

The water is not that deep here but it is fun anyway.

Steve is getting in on the jumping too.

Morgan is quick to make friends wherever she goes.

Cameron would rather swim with his Dad when he is along but otherwise he finds some boys to play with too.  Grandma spends at least part of the time in the water too but I am usually taking the pictures so don't have to be in them.  lol.  Have to say you see all kinds here though.


  1. There's just something about kids (even big ones) and water. I wonder if they cool the water down in Arizona?

  2. Your blog posts and photos are making wonderful memories for your family in years to come.


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