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The Longdogs
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Happy 4th of July Lynn Haven FL Style

What do you do on the 4th of July in a small town?  Why, you go to the parade of course.  Steve was already back from a 30 mile bike ride but no one had eaten breakfast yet.  The parade started at 0900 so we had to hustle.  On with the clothes, bag up some cheerios for the kids, and pour the coffee.  We walked about 4 blocks over to where we could watch the parade.  The awning from this gas station gave us a little shade and no cars would be coming through while the parade was on as the roads were blocked.  Okay, bring it on, we are ready.

Okay, wave kids and they will throw you some beads.

In a small town parade, the floats are often unique.

And everyone including the local national guard unit can get in on the act.

The politicians are out in full force and candy get tossed to the kids and adults alike.

Lots of flags coming down the road here.

Lots of Shriners and other fraternal organizations are out to enjoy the day.

Here we have a small band.  Not too shabby either!

And what would a parade be without the little cars.

And lets not forget the little vans.

And some pirates sailing down the main road.

Morgan is showing off her "booty".  They each got a stash of candy too.

And then the little princess went by.  She had "the" wave perfected.

And our little princess was busy waving back at a float full of princesses.

Another band and candy was flying.  The kids also got flags from one of the politicians.

It must be the end because there are the horses and no one wants to march down the road after the horses even though they have a crew right behind them cleaning up.  Check out those clouds.  Yes, the rain held off until the very end of the parade.

We got a little wet walking home but it was a great way to start the 4th of July.  The sun came out just a short while later and we were off for the rest of the day.


  1. That was an excellent parade for a small town.

    1. We went last year too and it is as fun to watch "the watchers" as it is to see the parade. Everyone really gets into it.


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