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The Longdogs
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Gulf Islands National Seashore Ft Pickens Area

As the kids say, we are off on an adventure today.  Our plan is to head west to check out the Gulf Islands National Seashore at the Ft Pickens area.  You have to be kind of specific because the Gulf Islands National Seashore stretches along the Florida panhandle on into Mississippi.  Of course, we didn't even make it all the way there before some people were hungry.  It naturally was pinned on the kids but Steve and Helen are always hungry too.  Here we are at Moe's having burritos, quesadillas, and salad.  Yes, I know this is Florida but they like Mexican food here too.

Before we got to the bridge heading north to Pensacola, we took another bridge across to Pensacola Beach.  It's a toll bridge but just a dollar so not bad.

Here we are.  Once on the island, you head west again.

And that is where this section of the of the National Seashore begins.

Yes, this was taken out the window at Gulf Islands National Seashore in July.  That is sand--not snow!   The sand is very white along the Florida Panhandle.  It looks like it was plowed because it was plowed off the road after the recent Tropical Storm Debbie.  The far end of the island and the campground was actually cut off for several days due to sand piled on the road.

These cars are actually on a beach parking lot.  It had to be plowed out too.

Fortunately the grass on the sand dunes kept a lot of the sand in place.

We drove through the Ft Pickens Area National Park campground which actually had some shaded areas.  There were lots of campers in all the loops as this is a popular campground.  You would want to make reservations to ensure you get a spot.

This is only the first part of the adventure.  Stay tuned for more.

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  1. That sand is amazing! Very different area than the Imperial Sand Dunes in California. You make me want to get in the RV and just go!!!


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