The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Ocklockonee River State Park FL Nature Walk

Sunday morning we were off on a nature walk at Ochlockonee.

Gretchen was ready to go and a little tired of waiting for everyone else to get ready.  It always takes a while with the kids.

And we are finally off.  Gretchen and Harley are up front with the kids and Willy is strolling along with me.

Someone donated this beautiful little bench as a memorial along the path.

Harley is into helping with the bug hunt.

Morgan wasn't quite into that particular bug.  On the other hand, Helen is a scientist.

These were some big grasshoppers.

Helen found a little bitty tree frog.

Hey, this is exciting stuff.  Seriously, if you have grandchildren,  visit the Dollar Tree store or Dollar store and pick up a couple of bug boxes for $1 each.  They are great for taking along on a walk.  We always do "catch and release" so all of the bugs get to go home at the end of the walk.

I'm not sure who is having more fun here.  Buy and extra box for your "big kids".

Look Grandma!

Big grasshoppers.

We also saw this "wildlife".  This is a closeup as he was only about 3 inches long but he had a neon blue tail.

We also saw these white squirrels.  They don't have pink eyes so I don't think they are albinos.

They were watching us too.

They were mixed right in with the other gray squirrels.  The tails of all the squirrels are not as bushy as those we see in Texas.  they almost look more like feathers.

Anyway, it was another successful nature walk.


  1. Great shot of Gretchen! Certainly a different type of squirrel, I Googled it and they are found in a few areas in the US, one being the Northern Keys of Florida.

    1. Did you mean the northern coast instead of Keys? This is just north of the Forgotten Coast which is along the middle of the Florida panhandle? Of course they might have "hitched" a ride with an RVer coming north? lol


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