The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Leaving Ft Pickens

After a great tour of the fort, we were on our way out when two other visitors noticed Steve's shirt and started up a conversation.  When they found out that Helen is a professional triathlete and Steve is heavily into biking, the conversation was on.  I should have gotten a picture of the man and woman who were both riding these recumbent trikes.  They were just biking friends not a couple and both were a lot closer to my age than Steve's but he can talk to anyone and so can Helen.  Pretty soon they offered to let Steve try the recumbent trike which of course he was already salivating about.  He's always wanted to try one.  At 6'4", he was considerably taller than the owner but he hopped on and headed on down the path to do a lengthy circle of the fort area.  The bikes both had masts with flags on them to ensure that cars "notice" them since they sit low.  Steve really enjoyed the ride.  Helen would have been on the other one but she pulled a muscle in her back the other day and is trying to baby it back into shape because it is messing up her training schedule for an event later in the summer.    These little babies are expensive.

The kids were disappointed to miss out on a swim but the day was getting long and we had a drive back home.

Had to show you this "party".  All of these boats were moored in the shallow area for a party.  There was a bouncy castle out there on the water and it was obvious that everyone was having a great time. There were all different kinds of boats from big to small, motorized to sailboats and kayaks.

It was another great day and even though it was long, the traveling longdogs were very well behaved for such a long day back at home and just happy to see us.

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  1. Only in Florida would they party like that. Interesting.


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