The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

A Relaxing Day at Lake Pointe RV Resort, Canyon Lake TX

This morning the Traveling Longdogs and I went for a walk around the park while it was still cool. The head housekeeper was busy in the recreation hall cleaning.  They have a TV viewing room, a library, and restrooms with showers.  There is also a room with a coded lock on it for over 18 year -olds which has a couple of pool tables and some other things.  At the other end of the building is a room with a pool table and ping pong table for the 17 and under crowd.

Next was the playground which has a cute little fort and another little play building all for the under 12 year old crowd.  The doxies complained loudly when they saw the "No Pets Allowed" sign at the front of the park.

They pointed out that it was hardly fair when you take a close look at who was using the playground when we walked by.

This is the laundry room.  There's quite a porch around it so it isn't quite as large as it appears.

We walked back to the RV so Willy, Harley, and Gretchen could get a nap in while I went up to the office to see what kind of equipment they might have to check out.  This is the family pool which is a junior olympic size and quite nice.  You can see the lake out in the background.

The fenced area up in the trees is the adult pool which you will see in a minute.

This is the adult pool up by the office.  It is right next to a huge deck around the office and lounge area.

 I think these deer were on their way down to the lake.  Or they may have been planning to get in a little shuffleboard.

This is the office and lounge area.  There is a fireplace which may get used much later in the year.

The lower deck is very pretty with another deck beyond that looks over the open area down to the lake.

Nice way of warning people not to hit their heads on the "Headache Tree".

I got another cup of coffee in the office and sat out on a porch swing enjoying the day.

There is a small fountain in front of the office parking lot.  A lot of people have golf carts around here but it really isn't far to walk.

Someone also built a small "Memorial Garden" up near the gate.  As you can see, there is a high fence so this is one place the deer are not welcome.

On the way back to the RV, I walked past another building which is available for large parties.  You can see a volleyball court in front and there are also horseshoe pits.

After my coffee, I went back and hung some pictures in the RV, did a little cleanup and then went for a swim in that lovely pool.  95 degrees didn't seem like much when swimming in a nice pool.


  1. I wonder how busy that park will get this holiday weekend?

  2. Oh poor pups, where is the puppy dawg playground? Well, the nerve of them deer proudly parading around the no dogs allowed signs! this would be a nice place to go when the weather gets cooler.

  3. If the deer can go there so can the doxies, especially as the place is 50% empty. What a great RV Park. I want to go there for certain. Are you using Passport America? How much per nite?

    1. Passport America, $12/night plus electric (it was 95-100 degrees so $3/day electric). They also take Escapees and Coast to Coast members. You can't just come in without belonging to the Resort or one of these groups.


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