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The Longdogs
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Last Night on the Road--Gulf Coast RV Resort, Beaumont TX

We had an uneventful and pleasant trip from New Orleans to Beaumont.  One thing I wanted to mention was about the roads in Louisiana.  At least in the south part of the state, they are rough even on I-10 and I-12 (the cut-off if you don't circle down through New Orleans).  Last year when we stayed on I-10 through New Orleans, I thought we were going to be shaken to pieces on the concrete panels.  This year, a big improvement, the road was much, much smoother.  We headed back to the Gulf Coast RV Resort, another Passport America park.

Although not as fancy as Ponchartrain Landing in New Orleans, it is still very nice.  They have a great playground...

individual restrooms with shower...

a nice pool, office and small store, a small library, and the best part, a free serve yourself breakfast with waffles, cereal, bagels, juice, and coffee.  (No, the kids were not with us--this is a picture from our last visit).

And then home, to deal with replacing the tire, piled up mail, laundry, unloading and cleaning the RV, and 100 degree heat.  Steve flies home in the morning.  Ah, I'd rather be on the road.


  1. Glad Steve could drive back with you. Sorry it is over for now, but there will be other trips. Any excuse will do ;)

  2. It's always good to be back in Texas! Isn't it?

  3. Gulf Coast RV Resort is very convenient to I10. . .but I didn't realize it was Passport America.. .Ill hafta remember that!

    Glad you are back in your home country safely!

  4. You did have a great adventure!!


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