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The Longdogs
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Pier Park at Panama City Beach FL

Today was one of those days where things needed to get done around here.  Steve wanted to get the tires rotated on his car and to get it cleaned out.  He's a bit fanatical about that; probably didn't get that gene from me but then I don't think it really came from his dad either.  The lawn also needed cutting.  Sun, rain, sun, rain--yup, the grass grows like crazy around here.  Steve has a riding mower so I told him to fire that baby up and I would mow the yard.  He didn't really want me to do that but I insisted, it's kind of fun when you have a riding mower and you don't have to do it.  Anyway, I figured that the jobs would all end up getting done about the same time.

I also promised not to sing while mowing.  My younger son informed me a number of years ago when we had five acres and a riding mower that just because I couldn't hear myself singing over the noise of the mower didn't mean the neighbors couldn't hear me.  Steve is much more diplomatic than Brian about things like that.  Anyway, the mowing got done without a problem.  Steve has an older neighbor and he always mows his front lawn for him too so I did it as well and Huey brought me out a bottle of cold water which was very nice.

Later on we were off to Pier Park over in Panama City Beach.  It's a huge town style strip type mall right next to the beach.  Steve had an appointment for a massage.  I always figured that massages were to relax you, you know--candles, music, relaxing rubdown.  Not so--this was a 90 minute sports massage designed to work out all the stress knots in the muscles.  Very painful but something athletes like to do.  So I set out to enjoy Pier Park while he was "tied up".

This is the entrance to Pier Park from the end by the beach.

As you can see, it is full of colorful shops.  See the train going down the road for the kids?

Since it is right next to the beach and all the hotels and condos for visitors, there are all sorts of little vehicles in use.

Scooters are very popular and can be rented all along the beach.  Needless to say, not all the riders are real experienced.

There are also lots of stands for Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Italian Ice, Lemonade, etc. in addition to all the normal places like Starbucks and Marble Creamery.  Lots of restaurants too.

You can also arrange cruises to Shell Island.

This is looking out at the beach from Pier Park.

It's free to go out onto the beach but there is a fishing pier that you have to pay to use right across from Pier Park.

It's a big pier that goes out a long ways and is very popular with fishermen.

The beach sand here is very white and soft.

It was a very warm sunny day so there were lots of people out enjoying the beach.  It is more crowded down in front of the hotels with the beach chairs and umbrellas laid out in rows.

Guess I'll head back to Pier Park and relax in the shade with some ice tea while I wait for Steve to come hobbling out.

Another day in paradise...and it's not raining.


  1. My brother told my Mom that she couldn't sing and he said it very loudly one Sunday in church. Didn't stop her though. So go for it. But I wouldn't got for that sports massage - sounds much too painful.

  2. Looking good my friend. Have another great day!

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