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The Longdogs
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Fun in Fredericksburg TX

This morning we all piled in the car and set out for Fredericksburg TX.  Steve has been there before but it was Helen's first trip.  Dave even decided to join us.  We set off cross country because they were doing some work on 1604 this weekend and we didn't know if they were done.  Taking back roads is a little further but better than sitting in traffic.  We weren't that far down the road when I noticed that everyone else was sleeping.  Good thing I was driving.  Once we arrived in Fredericksburg, we had to make a stop at Moto Texas Powersport (used to be Scootiques) for Dave and Steve.  This place has all kinds of vintage motorcycles and scooters.  Then we headed downtown.

Another stop with Dave leading the way was Texas Jack's.  They have vintage as well as modern western clothes, guns, hats, etc.

Halloween has hit Main St in Fredericksburg.  This guy is made of all kinds of tools and machine parts.

We walked down several blocks of Main St carefully avoiding Rustlin' Robs (more on that later) until we arrived at Silver Creek Saloon and Restaurant.  It was a little daunting at first because there was no one else sitting there but I knew it was usually crowded.  Well, I guess they were just waiting for us because it quickly filled up once we sat down.  Sorry no food pictures but we had the Schnitzel Plate, the Rueben Plate, the German Sausage Plate, and a hamburger.

Then we were off walking again down past the National Museum of the Pacific War, where they were doing some renovation work.  We didn't stop to visit but you need to plan a full day when you visit as there is a lot to see.

There are lots of wine tasting places to visit.  Alas, Helen will be doing a triathlon event this weekend in Austin so wine was not on the menu.

There are always lots of flowers along Main St.  These were definitely not the prettiest but I took a shot because the one plant was so unique.

The Keidel Memorial Hospital building is the home of the Der Kuchen Laden, the Little Chef.

Another one of Dave's favorite stops is the shop with hundreds of metal signs for sale as well as pecans and various other vegetables in jars.

There are so many old and unique buildings in Fredericksburg.  Check out that elephant on this building.

Another stop for Dave (and I have a hard time dragging him up here, lol).

And on to his absolute favorite, Rustlin' Robs Texas Gourmet Foods.  When we arrived, I quickly steered us to the other side of the street.  Why you ask?  Because there would have been no lunch if we stopped here first.  How do I know that?  Previous experience.  They have every kind of honey butter, jam, jelly, spread, pickle, seasoning, fudge, etc., you can possibly imagine and there are samples of each.  This time we had to drag Helen out of there.

Another glimpse of Halloween.

Our final stop was Clear River Pecan Company.  This place is lost in the 50's with "Grease" playing on the video.  They have lots of sandwiches (on homemade breads), salads, soups, as well as bakery items and ice cream.  But we were there for coffee and lattes.  The sidewalks in Fredericksburg roll up at about 5PM, maybe 6PM latest for the shops but this place is open until 8PM.  We stayed in Fredericksburg in the RV just a few we have been here many evenings.

Helen was still eyeing the baked goods.  If you train for and do triathlons, you can eat as much as you want of anything and still look great!

Our final stop was a run out to Ladybird Johnson RV Park.  This is where we usually stay when we have the RV.....and yes, the snowbirds have arrived.  Hmmm.....I see prices have gone up again.

It was a great day trip and we barely touched the surface.  There is so much to see here.


  1. We were in Fredericksburg on Sunday to do 10 miles worth of walking. I got the same photo of the guitar-playing art man.

    After our walks, we stopped in at Clear River for our cookies. We LOVE that place.

    You sure did the town!

  2. Sounds like you could spend a week there and still have things to see. If I even look at those bakery items I gain weight.

  3. It sounds like a town to eat your way through.

  4. You can see something new every time you visit Fredericksburg and they always have something going on. This weekend is a wine tasting event at the Marketplatz.

  5. I'm finally catching up on reading blogs. You sure have been busy. Say hi to the kids for me.

  6. Love the tool guitar playing guy.


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