The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Thursday and Friday Fly By at the Lake

I've been enjoying my time this week.  Thurday I took a drive over to the marina.  It's on the other side of the peninsula just across the inlet from where I am.  I would have liked to check out the COE park on the same peninsula but it is closed whether it's the end of the season or due to the government shutdown is really not clear.  End of the season doesn't make sense as it is a dry campground and the weather is just getting to the temperatures that would make that a good idea.  Anyway, the marina is private and looks very well used.

We have lots of wind in Texas so sailboats are very popular.

Someone was out having fun.

Oh, look, that's where I'm staying.  The RVs are in the trees beyond the buildings.

I have also gotten a few things done this week.  I got out my teeny, tiny sewing machine and made some bed covers for the dachsies.  Gretchen's are pink leopard print.  Maybe it is an ocelot print instead of leopard.  I would have taken a picture of Willy and Harley's brown and black leopard print covers but my camera died.  Very cuddly, just like the dachies.  I had adapters to charge everything but my camera.  In any case, no animals were harmed for these creations as they were made from some inexpensive fleece blankets.  Fortunately Steve and Helen are coming out today so pictures will continue.

I also rearranged a number of different cupboards inside the RV.  It is so much easier to do when you are out using the RV.

Steve and Helen came out to spend the day on Friday.  We swam and relaxed the afternoon away and then they headed up to Marble Falls to pick up the grandkids for the weekend.  They always eat right after they pick up the kids because they are hungry so I decided to head up to the resort's cafe for my dinner.  It's run by volunteers from the park on Friday nights.  Cheeseburger and Fries for $3.25.  They have a few other items including talapia as a special.

Here's the "cook" working on my cheeseburger.  His wife said he is a frustrated restauranteer.

The grandkids are coming to spend the weekend RVing but it will be a surprise to them when they arrive at the park.  Now, one of the activities at the park that the grandkids really love is "ice cream socials"...scoops in a cup.  The big bell rings at 2:00PM on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and they start dipping the ice cream.  They usually have about 8 different flavors of Blue Bell.

You can sit inside or take advantage of the nice patios around the clubhouse.

We walk right past the laundry building on our way back to the RV.

I think it's going to be another great weekend.


  1. It looks totally summer like while here the chill of fall speaks winter on its way.

  2. Those are very cute covers you made for the fur babies - I wish I could sew! It looks like you're enjoying life! :-)


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