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It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

Ah, the annual Christmas parties!  Okay, my DH's idea of Christmas parties may be a little different than yours but you have fun when and where you can have fun.  Our party invitations came some time ago and DH has been patiently waiting so Thursday night we were off to the party.  Woods Cycle Country in New Braunfels, TX puts on a party for their customers every year.

It's best to arrive early as lots of people show up.  In addition to providing some great brisket and chips snacks, they have a musical combo playing, cookies and cider, and your invitation includes one 40% off parts and accessories coupon so you can also get a little Christmas shopping done. DH and I each get our own invitations so we each had a coupon.  Son Steve also had an invite coupon and I'm sure DIL will have her own invitation and coupon next year.  lol.

Not to mention that they give you a ticket for drawings they hold every 15 minutes for the two hour party.  You sign up for this one when you arrive.  Steve's name was called for the very first drawing and he got a $50 gift certificate!  DH was grumbling because he has never won one of the drawings inspite of attending each year so Steve was grinning.

The receptionist knows both Dave and Steve by name and know who I am as well so she came over to be introduced to Helen as well.  It's a family friendly place.

There is always a little line up for the food.

The brisket was great.  And they kept the line moving very quickly.

Sometimes they have a country band, this year they had a group playing Christmas and other music which was really nice.  They also set up a few tables so people can sit for a bit.

The gift certificate winner was happy.

DH was happy too because he had a little Christmas present all picked out for me to get him which makes shopping for him a little easier.  I also picked up another present but I'm not telling about that one because the recipient doesn't know about it.  Then we went on to Cooper's for dinner.

We ordered a couple of pounds of brisket to make sandwiches.  They provide the bread, onions, pickles, and beans on the side.  It was a do-it-yourself meal.

Ya'll come back now!  Hope you have at least one fun Christmas party to attend this year.


  1. You're right, that's a different kind of Christmas party.

  2. We went to the Arizona Opry last night for a Christmas dinner and party. Good times with great entertainment. Nothing like yours though.

  3. Looks like fun for all. I'm not much on Christmas parties, but I would love to have hit that BBQ joint. Merry Christmas to you and all the Longdogs.......

  4. Lucky Steve. Looks like a fun Christmas party and only a couple hours so nobody gets drunk.

  5. I love the Cooper's in L Church inLlano, but I've never tried the one in New Braunfels cool. I'll bet it was good

  6. That sounds like fun. Nice to have a different type of holiday event! Did anyone pick up some gifts for you??? You can tell us in a few weeks:)

  7. What a deal! That sounds like a GREAT Christmas party. You don't have to dress up or bring a gift, and you walk out fed and with an extra $50 in a gift certificate and some of your Christmas shopping done. Good deal. :)


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