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The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

It's a Fiesta....Six Flags in San Antonio

I forgot to mention that our "big" presents to the kids and grand kids were annual passes to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. They will be able to go as often as they like all year.

I ordered all the passes online and, in order to get the upgrade to Gold Passes and the free parking passes, we had to validate them in person at Six Flags no later than the 29th.  Well, the grand kids couldn't come until the 28th so.....the 29th was our only shot.   I think that the surprise was very successful; even Steve and Helen didn't guess.  All I told them was that they had to block out the 29th on their calendar and not make any other plans.  I figured we would be heading out early to beat the crowds but.....Six Flags didn't open until 1:00 PM so we headed out at noon as it is on the other side of town and we wanted to be early.  Why was the upgrade so important? Well, you get extra benefits with the Gold Pass but the Parking Pass is huge since parking is $18 bucks a pop. Outrageous right?????  We took two cars as I knew DH wouldn't last the day and breathed a big sigh of relief when they scanned our paper copy for the parking and let us in.

We went through a special line where they took a finger print and gave us each a card.  Then we had to go to another building further in the park to get the passes updated to Gold and have the Parking passes added electronically.  All in all, it was a fast easy process.  No pictures this year, they are using the fingerprint instead.

I'm not big on rides and DH has to be careful with his back so we spent a lot of time watching everything going on.  I figured we would go to some of the shows but that didn't work out this time.  Steve, Helen, and Cameron were up for most of the rides.  Morgan was a little more cautious.  Grandma took her over to this Ferris wheel while the others were on one of the big scary ones.

They did talk her into this one that goes up into the air but I think I could even have handled it if I wasn't taking pictures.

Ah, finally a ride we could all get into!  Even DH hopped on this one. Helen is hiding in the background.

Hey, it's not all horses on this carousel.

I think he is looking for a way to get in trouble!

I think we have someone who is getting very tired.

DH and I headed out right after this.  Morgan wanted to stay and tough it out so we were off.  Finding our way out was interesting to say the least.  It is so easy to get turned around even with the little map.

Ah, here we are.  I'll be back with the kids. We'll see about DH.  Hasta La Vista!


  1. Happy New Year. That is a great present.

  2. What a great grandma! I want you for my grandma.

  3. What a great grandma! I want you for my grandma.

  4. An awesome gift for all. I'm sure everyone will enjoy it all year long. Happy New year to you and all the Longdogs..

  5. Great Christmas present! And how fun - it looks like everyone was having a super time on those rides. But you're right, it is pretty tiring, especially if you stay all day. Disneyland is like that. We walk in with a spring in our step, and drag ourselves out in the evening. LOL

    Happy New Year to you and your family! :)

  6. Wow what a huge gift and it will be enjoyed over and over.

  7. I'm a new reader to your blog Colleen and want to thank you for putting up the Important RV Links page. I'll be referring to some of these often once back in the U.S. Particularly like the campsite photo's link. Your long dogs are adorable!


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