The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Amazing Galveston Island Tree Sculptures

Although the Cool Tours trip we took early in the week went past a few of the famous tree sculptures, it just really made me want to spend more time viewing the sculptures and the fantastic homes in the historic East End District. Deb and I spent an hour or so driving and taking pictures. You can get a great map from the Visitor's center to do a self-guided tour of that area. There are other sculptures scattered around the Island but many are concentrated in the East End.

Galvestonians planted many beautiful oak trees but on September 13, 2008, Hurricane Ike covered most of Galveston Island in a tidal surge. The damaging combination of powerful winds and waves immediately uprooted many of the city's trees and eventually led to the death of thousands more. While the beautiful tree canopy was gone, a group of homeowners saw a chance to turn signs of destruction into symbols of rejuvenation.

Island Totem Pole

Birds of Galveston

Tall Ship Elyssa Figurehead

Great Dane - The homeowners have a beautiful, gray Great Dane that served as the model for this sculpture. It is the only painted sculpture.

Pod of Dolphins and Mermaids

Two Crested Herons



The Angels -   The angels were the top of the tree that the Geisha is carved from. It is one of the few sculptures that are not still rooted in the ground.

The Geisha - The owners had a large collection of Japanese dolls that were destroyed and were very fond of the orient. She faces the direction you would have to travel to get to Japan.

Three Pelicans and Fish

Grandmother Reading to her Grandchildren

Monument to Galveston Trees

Where Have all the Flowers Gone?   Japanese Yew tree was only partially dead so that half of the tree was sculpted into hibiscus flowers, sea shell, and sand dollars.

Mermaid Holding Clam Shell

Pelican Sitting on a Piling (Faces house so you see back)

We also couldn't resist taking photos of some of the beautiful houses. There are so many different styles.

How appropriate...Pink Flamingo

I also took Deb through a quick tour of the Strand as she was not here when we toured it.

There was a Grand Kids Festival in progress.

Later on that evening, we played our bingo. It's the only time I play bingo because everyone wins a prize. Ladies who win twice pass their win on to someone else so it is fun for everyone.

Deb and Duncan were over visiting the Traveling Longdogs. I guess they recognized each other as cousins because everyone got along just fine. Isn't he a beautiful boy?

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  1. Love love love this place and I want to go see the tree sculptures. I have only ever seen mini long haired doxies, never a standard. Lovely dog.


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