The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

On to Lake Conroe

Monday morning dawned bright and clear and we were all off but there was no rush to head out.

Karen and Carolyn were the first out at 0900 on their way to East Texas and Louisiana. Sue was headed back to the Rio Grande Valley. Liz and Kim went east to another outing on Mustang Island. Vicki was heading north to Houston a little later on. Diana planned a few more days over at the Galveston State Park. I was headed north to Lake Conroe with Deb for a few days.

And we are off......

Houston was coming in to view......

Deb had already made arrangements to stay at the Thousand Trails on Lake Conroe. Since they were not very friendly price-wise to none members, I found a nice Passport America park which was only a couple of miles away.  Deb turned off to the left to her park and I continued on to "Park at the Lake".

After I checked in and headed back further into the park, I got backed in and set up. It was a nice site.

View out my big back window.....canal leading to the lake. If I had a boat, I could tie right up to my site.

View out my door......granted, there was a 5th wheel just forward of the tree on the left. I really did luck out though. I think my neighbors must be seasonal and it wasn't the weekend so on one side no one ever showed up. And on the other side, a man was there working on his yard in the evenings. It was very peaceful.

Further down the road was a little island with a bridge leading to it where we met this bird. Two big dogs did bark at us scaring me but they were tied and quickly hushed by their owner.

Very deceiving view since the RVs actually had plenty of space between them.

Looking from the island back to the other side of the park.

Ah yes, we were quite comfortable here. There was a nice pool and hot tub and they also had a clubhouse.

I just love traveling.


  1. hmmm. . .guess you got lucky. . .our experience has been that they stick the PA patrons in the tight little spaces in the front. . .we stayed over there a couple of times for our week out of Thousand Trails. . .decided we'd rather just drive to the TT in Columbus. . .glad it worked out for you!

  2. That was a really pretty park.

  3. You do find some nice parks with pretty views.

  4. Hey Colleen, very nice park. I'm glad to see you running the interstate. You didn't say how much the site ran. We are looking at coming your way in the fall. I'll keep you posted, and not be so lazy about posting some of our. Where's Hurley?


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