The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Jamaica Beach RV Park

It occurred to me that I hadn't really taken any photos of the park where we all stayed.

The office is in the building on the right up on the second floor. There are also restrooms and a laundry on the back side. The top floor is the clubhouse that we were able to use for our group. There was a great ramp in between the buildings that made going up and down very easy. The building on the left is where the managers live. The ground floor is pretty much open in case of a hurricane but there is a small pool, kids splash area, and a playground in back.

I think I forgot to mention our fishing trip.

Actually, this is all part of the mini-golf area. Carolyn finds the most interesting men.

This big boy was definitely alive and had his own large pen and house.

Diana and Deb put the moves on the captain.

Four of us were on the last row behind the clubhouse which actually turned out to be quite nice as most of the time the wind came from the gulf side. You can see Galveston Bay on the horizon.

There was a stable back there that rented horses. There were quite a few of them in the field in the evening.

The lots were a decent size.

This is a view across the park pond on the other side. They were definitely full.

I took these from the balcony of the clubhouse so you can see the gulf across the highway. There was a beach entrance about half a block down from the park.

Sunday night, we went about two blocks down the road to dinner at Nate's WestEnd Seafood. It was good; however, they were all out of the "famous" bread pudding so many ordered Key Lime Pie and a couple had cheesecake but it definitely was not homemade or any special. One ordered chocolate cake the waiter recommended as great but it was just okay too.

It was our last hurrah but we were missing Mary who was resting up for her next adventure and Darlene, Mary Jane, Martha, and Pat had already left earlier in the day.

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