The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Easter Delight

Thursday afternoon, Steve and I headed up to Marble Falls to pick up the Grandkids. It was cool enough for Harley and Angus to wait in the car so we decided to have dinner at the Bluebonnet Café. Usually the timing of our pickup doesn't work well for a sit-down restaurant stop but today we got the kids at 5:00PM. The Bluebonnet Café has been around for 80 years and is pretty well known in Texas. They are famous for their pies but the food is good too. This time of year, they even had bluebonnets blooming in their flower beds.

We stopped at the wildflower field just south of Johnson City on Highway 281. There always seems to be a massive show this time of year. Before anyone gets concerned, we are well aware that rattlesnakes like bluebonnets too so we are very careful. We also are very careful not to trample any flowers just to get pictures. There were a few paths where people already took pictures.

Angus and Harley didn't mind posing. 

The bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush were thick again this year.

It was a busy weekend as usual. The kids and grandkids had plans with some out of town visiting friends on Friday. Saturday, we all went to the Pearl Brewery Farmers Market in the morning. That is always fun with lots to see, music, and lots of good food to choose from if you are hungry. In the afternoon, it was egg decorating time. Dad and Grandpa always have fun supervising the decorating.

Sunday morning, the plastic eggs were hidden in the backyard. Everyone wanted in on the hunt including Angus and Harley. Willy was napping inside. The dogs found a couple but they were good about just looking at them.....mainly because there prizes inside instead of candy.

Dinner was great. I cooked a prime rib roast and homemade rolls and Helen made green bean casserole and onion garlic potatoes. We watched the Minions movie and everyone relaxed until Helen and Steve had to take the kids back up to Marble Falls.

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