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The Longdogs
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A Bluebonnet Haven

Thursday morning, I had a doctor's appointment. Then I had to check on my RV in the shop for a few fixes (gray tank valves, TV antenna, blocked black tank vent). Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore and I called my friend Birdie and asked her what she was doing. It was already noon but it was beautiful and sunny and the bluebonnets were calling loudly to me. She was up for a roadtrip so I told her to head out and I would pick her up as I came up Hwy 281 on our way to Fredericksburg and the Willow City Loop. We grabbed a quick bite in Blanco and headed across country. We were nearly there when I got a call from my son saying he and his Dad were in Fredericksburg on the motorcycles and would probably be home late as they found a couple of motorcycle shops they wanted to spend some time at. No problem, I'll be late too. We didn't stop in Fredericksburg but headed north up Hwy 16 for about 13 miles until we turned off at the Willow City Loop.

It was a perfect day and the flowers didn't disappoint.

The Willow City Loop is actually a private ranch road whose owners are gracious enough to let people tour through their ranches asking only that they don't wander off into the fields as the cattle run through the area.

Every year there are more cowboy boots along this one stretch of fence.


Going through on the weekend would have been bumper to bumper I am sure but on a Thursday, it was great.

This may look like a river at first glance but it is a river of bluebonnets down in the valley.

The scenery was spectacular everywhere you looked.

Of course there are wildflowers other than bluebonnets.

I love bluebonnets......hope you do too.

These are ranchlands so we were not alone.

We enjoyed every minute of our drive. There were several motorcycle groups touring through the loop as well as other cars but everyone was driving along very slowly enjoying the scenery and taking pictures. I hope you can find your own winding road with bluebonnets.


  1. OMWow!!!! Love these "rivers" of bluebonnets. Spectacular.

  2. thanks for sharing as the Bluebonnets here near College Station are not as dense as normal...

  3. We love bluebonnet season. Haven't made it out at the proper time the last few years, but there's still hope. We do have the yellow fields around home, though I don't know what it is. Somewhere in our travels we passed a fence with boots for miles. Thanks for the tour.

  4. Great pictures maybe someday I will make it out there to see the beautiful bluebonnets...Donna AKA grammynmaggie

  5. Beautiful pictures! Gorgeous bluebonnets, must have been wonderful to see. Thanks for the post.


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