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The Longdogs
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A Whirlwind Trip to Traders Village

Friday morning was a big day around here. Dave and Steve were on their way to Jalpan Mexico on a motorcycle trip. Here they are loading Dave's bike into Ace's van. The plan was to drive to McAllen Texas on Friday and then hop on the motorcycles along with about 35 or 40 other bikers and head south into Mexico on Saturday with arrival in Jalpan on Sunday.

Once the guys were on the road, my friend Mary Jane and I decided to make a run to check out Traders Village in southwest San Antonio. We have been to the one in Arlington but not to this one. The day was overcast but we weren't really expecting any rain and it eventually cleared up. There is a $4 entrance charge for each car.

It wasn't real crowded when we arrived. I guess people thought it might rain after all.
It seems like they have almost anything you could be looking for at Traders Village. There are roofs overhead to provide quite a bit of shade. The aisles are very wide and there are actually street signs on every corner so you can easily find things.

Wouldn't it be fun to have a ride in this wagon?

There is even a petting zoo for the kids for an extra charge.

There are also rides for adults and kids. You can get an all day pass.
Nice Merry-Go-Round. You can hear the music as it goes around. There was also a singer performing under one of the canopies. He was actually pretty good but it would have been a lot nicer if they had turned the volume of the music down. There a couple of huge bathroom buildings that were very well taken care of, plenty of picnic tables under covers located all over the village so you could sit down and take a break. On the far side of the village, a Cajun Festival complete with crawdads was going on.

By the time we left midafternoon, there were a lot more people strolling through the aisles.

I think we will be back another day.

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