The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Friday....A Fossils and Pink FlaminGoes Kind of Day

Friday we went on a brand new adventure thanks to our hostesses, Georgia and Darlene. Georgia is a retired teacher and she took us fossil hunting. We set off with claw hammers, screw drivers, spoons, and baggies and a few less than convinced sisters. Not everyone was convinced this would be fun but it was a lot of fun and everyone got into it.
We didn't have far to go. Georgia knew of a great place with very easy access. She quickly found a couple fossils and before long, everyone else was finding them too. She had given us each a two page guide to all different kinds of fossils. Everyone found several and had a really good time. There were a number of different kinds of shells and snail-like fossils. This whole area was once under the ocean milleniums ago and new fossils wash out whenever it rains.

Friday evening was Pinkie Bingo. I am definitely not a bingo player kind of woman but everyone has a good time when we play because everyone wins. We each bring a prize to donate and go home with one. Pat is our Bingo Guru and here she is getting set-up.

And here she is winning the first game!  lol    In addition to calling the numbers, she played her three cards, and helped Claudia's sister stay on top of her three cards. She plays a lot of Bingo!

Darlene won a small tool set.
 Mary Jane won a fancy jar of specialty pickles.

Birdie won a stunner of a prize.....a set of notecards with Georgia's painting on them.

Georgia was happy with her specialty pickles from a local gift shop in Bandera.

Vicki walked away with some really neat kitchen items that will get added to her RV kitchen.

One of our new members, Nikki, was thrilled with her pink flamingo items.

Diana won several items one of which was a flashing flamingo wine glass.

Claudia also won some kitchen items and a neat bag.

Obviously, I didn't get shots of everyone and their prizes but everyone had fun. On the right is Sage, one of our new members. She was at the park when we arrived and we included her in our fun. She went into town and came back with two cute little antique flamingos that she presented to the oldest and youngest members of the group. Before the GTG ended, she asked to join us. Our third new member is Betty seated between Sage and Claudia. She is a friend of Mary Jane and Birdie's.

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