The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Let the Get Together Begin in Bandera

I pulled the 5th wheel out of storage on Friday morning because it was supposed to rain all day Saturday and Sunday. Seems like plenty of time to get ready to leave on Tuesday but then, that is only if you have no other plans in between. I had Grandkids coming for the weekend and a birthday party for Willy (see previous post). I was organized ready to roll by Monday night except for food. It just seemed easier to stop at the grocery store on the way out of town Tuesday morning so that it what I did. Then it was on to Pioneer RV Resort in Bandera, Texas. The drive was only about an hour and a half without the grocery stops.

We weren't sure exactly who was going to make it as there were a number of cancellations due to rain and flooding in other parts of Texas. The RV resort has one rental unit and it is pretty unique.

Birdie and I arrived on Tuesday afternoon. Another lady new to the group was already there. So we had dinner together in my RV. Rotisserie chicken from Costco always comes in handy. The RV park has a nice large recreation room with a kitchen which was set aside for our group beginning on Wednesday. There is a pool and a hot tub off to the left. They also have a laundry for guests.

I wasn't real thrilled when I saw the side by side utility hookups as it meant that your driver's side was right next to your neighbors driver's side but it wasn't bad at all because everyone in the park was pretty considerate and quiet. Due to concerns about the river rising, the park had moved some people on the lowest tier up to our reserved spots but they were all moved back by Wednesday afternoon.

This house was across the road from the park. Can you see the little flood gauge sign near the backdoor? Would have been a little concerning as the house sat about 10 feet higher than where my RV was parked but I think it must have come from somewhere else and was a joke. In any case, the river never rose all that much.

Pink FlaminGoes began arriving on Wednesday. Martha and Pat arrived from Louisiana having detoured north of Houston to avoid flooding. Hostess Georgia arrived along with Vicki and Mary Jane. Wednesday we were off to the 11th Street Cowboy Bar. There was some concern that we wouldn't be able to get in because there was another rally in Bandera of 140 fiberglass RVs so we planned ahead and went early. The last time we had a GTG here, we also had dinner at this place but it was really cold. It was beautiful on Wednesday. You bring your own meat and purchase a potato, salad, and roll setup when you arrive. They have three huge grills all fired up along with seasonings and utensils and you cook your own.
All lined up to get set-up and ready to have fun.

We found a table and some shade and we were ready to party.

It doesn't look crowded but the place was hopping. They had a great band, great food, and good company. What more can you ask for? 

It was a great way to kick start our GTG.

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