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The Longdogs
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The Desert Museum.....and Saguaro National Park

The scenery on the way out to the Desert Museum was beautiful.

A little advice on a visit to the Desert Museum. Go on a cooler day, you'll do lots of walking. Wear comfortable shoes, you'll do lots of walking. Sun screen is important. Be sure your camera is charged and you have lots of space on your SD Card.

I'm sorry to say that my battery died during this trip so there aren't nearly as many photos as I would have liked.

There are some nice exhibits with lots of information.

Then we started our walking. They have well laid out paths with signs so you know where you want to go. And, sadly, that is all the pictures that I got to take. I especially enjoyed the hummer enclosure as the hummers did not seem afraid of people and seemed to delight in posing for as long as you wanted to take pictures. There are several other areas with animals. Be sure you plan to have plenty of time to visit because you will need it.

Several in our group were planning a night time visit to Kitt Observatory so they left to go back to the park as they needed to be on the road to the observatory about 2 PM. Mary Jane, Gloria, and I opted to go to the Saguro National Park which was right next to the Desert Museum. I borrowed a few pictures but sadly have none of my own to share here since my battery died.

This is what is left of the largest saguaro in the park. As you can see, it truly was large.

Occasionally cacti was grow in unusual manners like this where the arms are all joined. It is sometimes referred to as a crenolated cactus.

I think this was a photo of the largest saguaro that I posted about earlier in the post after it was dead. You can see how truly large and magnificent it was.

The Saguaro National Park is split in half with half on the west of Tucson and half on the east side. The West side has more saguaros according the ranger that I asked.

Of course, saguaros aren't the only type of cactus you will find in the park. We took a scenic trip on a dirt road so that we could see more of the park. It was a fantastic day.

We all really enjoyed both parts of the day. I would recommend them both to anyone visiting the area.

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